The Department of Collaboration

The problems with collaboration when you and your collaborator live 60 + miles away, sometimes it’s hard to schedule or afford to meet outside of work hours. Esp, when like me you’re ill. Or broke. Or get scheduled in at work unknowingly! Luckily for Harriet and I (H-dawg is my collaborator, and doing her PhD in collaboration) This is exactly what excites us! Those tensions, the flexibility within collaboration. the POWER.

To quote our statement, proposal thing:

Smizz and Davies will embark on a thought experiment in the politics of exchange and communication by embodying each others art practice. Smizz and Davies have known each other for a number of years and have worked collaboratively before. Both artists maintain drawing as a fundamental importance in their approaches to making art work, and both artist use the aesthetics of the diagrammatic within their practices . However their relations to absurdity, politics, abstraction and rationality differ greatly.  This project will be an exposing and critical process with both artists producing reflexive diaries capturing their subjective experience in encountering and and speaking through the other.

That’s what we’re doing.

Anyways, I don’t think this is gonna be some work. And if it is, I think it will be re-made. It’s extremely derivative of others work – but who cares? It’s just the research part. And i really enjoyed just say thinking these through. Here’s some. Please remember that these are researchy pieces. Taken on my phone!

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