Help me plan a USA Road trip this summer

I’m excited. I have 3/4 friends who are actually game for a roadtrip in the USA this summer. I know what you’re thinking, why do you need friends to do a roadtrip anyways? I can’t drive. So basically I need friends so I can be a freeloader passenger (map navigator I will call myself). It’s really the only way you get to see America, all those small towns in the middle of nowhere. You sort of go past them on the train, you sort of get soda & use the bathroom at service stations of these nowhere places when you take the bus. But you never get to actually check them out.

Since I actually can’t drive. Or never attempted to do so, (ha) I have no idea what navigating the roads will be like.  Luckily my new shexy phone has a GPS in it. Yeaaaahhhhh buddy! But where to go?!

If any of you have tips for roadtripping USA, whether thats experience or how to do it on the cheap, or whether that’s some MUST see places, or places to check out on our desired route, please holla!

You can collaborate on the map of ideas here!!!


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One thought on “Help me plan a USA Road trip this summer

  1. How long are you planning to take? if you have time, make sure to add National Parks, some off-interstate driving, try to minimize chain motels and chain food, check out local attractions like museums, State Fairs… See the country – don’t just drive through at 60 mph. Enjoy!

    We’re planning our own drive across country. Check out my blog for our details thus far.

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