Community and Spaces

After this weekend, where my community – often a bit hard to bring together and engage – came out 350++ people in full force. Absolutely blown away. I was SO nervous, I barely slept the night before that I’d got all these people together, and barely anyone would turn up. But they did. And BUCKETContinue reading “Community and Spaces”

Discussion: What it feels like to have significant “fatigue” rather than just being “tired”

The medical term for tiredness is “Fatigue”. It covers basically any word that could be used to describe tiredness – from exhaustion, lethargy, and listlessness, ect. It covers both physical and mental tiredness. Often both impending into each other, if a person experiences physical tiredness for long enough, it will often create a mental tiredness too. Many ofContinue reading “Discussion: What it feels like to have significant “fatigue” rather than just being “tired””

I want to work for something other than myself:

I’ve been keeping something secret for a while now. Mainly because I don’t want to jinx myself. And whilst it’s more-or-less official – I still have to pass ‘professional requirements’, which are things like CRB checks and the dreaded health-check. But – hopefully – if nothing bad happens & I pass all my ‘professional requirements’,Continue reading “I want to work for something other than myself:”

The Department of Collaboration

The problems with collaboration when you and your collaborator live 60 + miles away, sometimes it’s hard to schedule or afford to meet outside of work hours. Esp, when like me you’re ill. Or broke. Or get scheduled in at work unknowingly! Luckily for Harriet and I (H-dawg is my collaborator, and doing her PhD in collaboration)Continue reading “The Department of Collaboration”

Back in New York City

Friday night, I’m in New Hampshire. Spending what I think is going to be my last night. The threat of Hurricane Irene is on the news, but we’re in New England so it’s no biggy. People post stuff on Facebook to government and news travel warnings for those going to/leaving/ already in NYC. I think,Continue reading “Back in New York City”

65 modern day (or rather postmodern?) Proverbs

Nikki Farquharson updated some old proverbs into a postmodern flux of westernized culture. check her website for more and funnier proverbs. i can see some of these helping me think of some more witty things for my ‘art comics’.

Questions as artists (both art students and real practicing artists) should ask themselves

“a few Questions for artists (in relation to the academy) … How can a free artist accept this managed and managerlized condition? how can an artist exist without or outside the institution? why are so many mature artists so happy with competing for small prizes, purchases and praises?  why are there still artists who thinkContinue reading “Questions as artists (both art students and real practicing artists) should ask themselves”

Adaptive Actions Publication

I’m going to be featured in the Adaptive Actions publication produced by Canadian Artist: Jean-François Prost who is currently doing a residency at SPACE gallery in East London. Sounds a great thing. I got to put 2 images of some work and a 250 word text, which is veryyyy DoPa!