Every Where Is Some Where

Every Where Is Some Where Throughout our lives, we will come to find ourselves in a lot of different places a lot of different rooms a lot of different corners a lot of different wheres This week will be the 17th year of being in our council house – our home after experiencing months ofContinue reading “Every Where Is Some Where”

The Department of Collaboration

The problems with collaboration when you and your collaborator live 60 + miles away, sometimes it’s hard to schedule or afford to meet outside of work hours. Esp, when like me you’re ill. Or broke. Or get scheduled in at work unknowingly! Luckily for Harriet and I (H-dawg is my collaborator, and doing her PhD in collaboration)Continue reading “The Department of Collaboration”

A Call from CAKE

  Newsletter: 01 November 2011   ————————————————————————————- CAKE’s new website is very nearly here! (phew, finally!)  On CAKE’s new website we have a shop feature where you will be able to buy limited edition books/publications/posters/t-shirts from artists/designers/writers/ect a-like! We know how difficult it is sometimes to share things with the world, so we have created a platform to help getContinue reading “A Call from CAKE”

poster boy 2

I’ve been thinking about Poster Boy more recently, and although I still think he has more media coverage than what’s deserved – I didn’t give him enough credit.I was like, yo he needs to do this with  more criticality. Why? I don’t know. so long as he’s having fun, then that’s all that matters right?Continue reading “poster boy 2”