The Mediocre Artist

So, you know I’m thinking that when eventually i start my PhD, it’s gonna be on Post-Fordism, and the Labour of art  in a post-democracy (Dark Matter, Hyper-active economies & art-making et al). \\

And since we know, as i bitch about it like aalllllll-the-timeeeee, i’m (we are?) totz part of that crazy dark matter, the 99%, the crap you scrap off your windscreen.  It seemed only fitting that I pretended, or rather ACTED is more of an appropriate word, that my bookstore job (the only job out of 3 that i have, society see’s as useful) is an artist residency.

What better residency to have? To be surrounded by all those amazing books, and fictions, facts, heartbreaks & happiness. And not to mention the political economy surround retail & physical books & corporate BS. The underpaid labour & the knowledge. Oh inspiration!

But for me, I’m using the work as a way to make more artwork froma  criticality view of labour and post-democracy. (I will note that I don’t do this whilst AT work- obviously – but use the experience to then go on and make more work).

I hope to post more work i’ve been doing. Here’s a piece i’ve grown to like. I’m not gonna explain it: as i think it’s pretty much self-explanatory. It’s a poster, 1 of a series of 5, A2 size, 2012.

* These are obviously not the views of my employer (even though you don’t know who that is). Surprisingly, these are my own! Imagine!


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