Site Gallery Residency, so far.

SO! There’s 10 individual artists who got a Site Residency. We came with our own proposals. We can still do our own proposals. But where would be the fun in that? NO FUN! Especially, when like me, you love collaborating. Creating a critical discourse around something: whether that is indeed #class or the artworld, orContinue reading “Site Gallery Residency, so far.”

The Mediocre Artist

So, you know I’m thinking that when eventually i start my PhD, it’s gonna be on Post-Fordism, and the Labour of art ┬áin a post-democracy (Dark Matter, Hyper-active economies & art-making et al). \\ And since we know, as i bitch about it like aalllllll-the-timeeeee, i’m (we are?) totz part of that crazy dark matter,Continue reading “The Mediocre Artist”