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Arghh at present time my head is a shed. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. Like I’m ALWAYS tired. I think it’s something to do with the whole changing time zone about 7 times in 3 weeks and also missing like literally 2 days sleep every 3/4 days. Then when I arrived back I had to stay up and write this crazy article on my ‘research’ and then I moved all my stuff from the donx bizack to Sheffo but left some of the most important stuff by accident.

Then you know i wanna catch up with friends, and have like a 10000 things to do. But uni facilities aren’t all working yet so i’m having problems getting on to the making side of art. I get lost. I look like a loner half of the time. Its getting cold.i’m going to birmingham for the Art Monthly Art&Education panel. the speakers include:

Pavel Büchler, artist and lecturer and Manchester Metropolitan University
Phyllida Barlow, artist and Professor of Fine Art and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Slade
Michael Corris, writer and Professor of Fine Art, Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
Vaughan Grylls, artist, Professor of Art & Design and Director of Kent Institute of Art and Design, 1996-2005
Chaired by Patricia Bickers, Editor of Art Monthly

Read all the articles from this debate at

 Tomorrow I need to go 2 the Millennium gallery and the new edition of ARt monthly. It sounds pretty dope.

I need to get intouch with these people:

And write some stuff out. I’m also volunteering at Site Gallery. Soooo

But the most important part of this weekend which I need to focus on is planning out what I’m going to film. I think Im moving into the video art thing. I think. I mean I’ll try it and if it goes all tits up then I will rock and roll bizack 2 what I know best. Working class art….. utopian protagonist. I just dont wanna continue with Utopian protagonist cuz I might get too comfortable with it. I’m still trying to find something. Plus I want some art which you know.. has a place in an art gallery. I’m a sell out for sure.


I need 2 plan it.

And go out for Shivver’s birthday 2moz night.

Tonight I’m going to some sheffo art openings, so I shall see ya laterz!!

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