Let’s not talk about recession, it’s just depressing

It’s not as depressing as going onto your online banking account and seeing that £132 has mysteriously gone missing. I haven’t bought anything on my bank card for like 2 weeks, the things I have bought I have put on my creditcard. The only thing I have done with this crd was pay my creditcard bill. 

This is one pro of now attending college in the middle of the city,one can get to the bank easily. So I troddled over the road to the Halifax, ask the woman for an up to date statement and I tell her… I think i have been frauded…. again! It has happened before. She says well we can’t actually do anything until the money goes out so we can see where it has gone, at the moment it is being processed. Wait until tomorrow, and then we can see where it has gone, and you have to fill out a fraudilent form out.

So since I’m just good ingeneral. I waited, and I checked my online bank today …. and suspeciousily I had a £132 bank credit.

I think my bank just borrowed £132 off me? Can you believe that? This is the real recession… the bank borrowing money from the real poor!

Published by smizz

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