basque health department headquarters by coll-barreu arquitectos

while frank gehry’s guggenheim museum made the spanish town of bilbao an international destination,
a slew of new projects are continuing to add to its reputation. one of the most recent additions to the
cities landscape is the health department headquarters designed by coll-barreu arquitectos. the young
firm’s creation is most recognizable for its cubist façade of glass. the glass sheets are placed on
irregular angles reflection the city into the building. the façade is also part of the structure’s double
skin frame, which helps insulation. most of the building will be home to offices while the basement will
house a 150 seat auditorium.

Imagine if Sheffield Hallam actually decided to be somewhat more engaging with their lurid archiectural ‘office’ expenses…

Oh that’s right… we would probably have some natural light going into the building. Can’t be having that now, can we?

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