So today I had a GREAT day. This week seems (don’t want to jinx it) to be working into a great week.

My Coca-Cola addiction is no better. Today has been one of the hardest days. I had the worst headache, really makes my head heavy. It also affects how I talk. I  only come out with certain words because the rest of my vocab. is blocked by this heavy headache pounding at my temples. I know that if I just have a sip of coke, everything will be all cool. But No, I’m not going to do it!  I have a can sat next to me saying, drink me.. go on drink meee!!

I went into Sheffo to meet up with Pheobe. The train was cancelled so I had to catch the bus into town (the joy) to catch another train from the Donx into S-town. Pheobe picked me up and was keen to go up 2 Psalter Lane for one of the last times. I forgot to renew my library books so now my fines a hefty £2.80 (thats a return from the donx 2 sheffo).  We chilled in the canteen for abit until we were shifted by people removing the actual seats that we were sat on, so we moved upstairs to the library. I have my favourite place in the library which is this big desk thats supposed 2 be in the “quiet” side of the room near the art journals. I’m usually in there because the lights better from the windows, its more lighter and airer and the temp is better. Plus I love to read art journals. But we walked in and saw Michael Corris, I wasn’t sure whether I should be in there since I had sent a one too many e-mail by accident the other week so i scuttled around pheobe in hope that he never saw me walk in. But he did, but he seemed to be cool. And we all chatted for like an hour.

He reminded me that I need to upload StreetForm’s Official website www.streetout.org so that will happen within the next week or so. Watch this space. And it was a genuinely good chat. Afterwards, I helped Pheobe with her essay and went home via train. feeling somewhat fulfilled. A more productive week. Had my haircut, helped with an essay, wrote a paragraph extra of my dissertation which no longer has to be done since I’ve changed my course and chatting to M. London on Friday and Saturday.

When I Got home and Sianbohn booked our plane tickets. so it is OFFICIAL WE ARE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO, CHI-TOWN AND NYC.

Tue 9-Sep-08
London (LHR)
Depart 10:05
Terminal 1
 to  San Francisco (SFO)
Arrive 13:00
Terminal I
5,358 mi
(8,623 km)
Duration: 10hr 55min 
BD bmi
Flight: 4495

3Economy/Coach Class, Meal, Boeing 747-400

Total distance: 5,358 mi (8,623 km) Total duration: 10hr 55min
Wed 24-Sep-08
New York (LGA)
Depart 19:03
Terminal M
 to  Washington DC (IAD)
Arrive 20:35
215 mi
(346 km)
Duration: 1hr 32min 
BD bmi
Flight: 4261

3Economy/Coach Class, Meal, Airbus A319

Washington DC (IAD)
Depart 21:41
 to  London (LHR)
Arrive 10:00 +1 day
Terminal 1
3,672 mi
(5,910 km)
Duration: 7hr 19min 
BD bmi
Flight: 4464

3Economy/Coach Class, Meal, Boeing 777

Total distance: 3,887 mi (6,256 km) Total duration: 8hr 51min (9hr 57min with connections

And I’ve lost 3 pounds since Sunday, which is GREAT. 8 stone 3 now. Yippee yoo yippee yaaay!

Also my hommie Drew has started a blog so you gotta check it : http://drewonfire.wordpress.com

Ya heard it here first. worrd.

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