Hotter than the Devil’s Office

It is rare for the UK to have hot weather. When I was working in NYC, it was HOT. It was VERY hot. Humid. Unbareable sometimes when I had like 3 layers when i worked at Postmasters with no AIR CON.

Today and the day before are like freak events. I told everyone I met in NY that we never have hot weather in the UK. And here I am, in my closet sized room at home, sweating my ass off!! We have no air con. There’s a fan lying around the house somewhere for occasions like this, but since I have a high bed it makes no difference anyways. The window is open, but nothing is really happening. My desk lamp is like a miniture light heater!!

I love hot weather though, I just hate that I never got to enjoy it since I was working. pSssct! But pay-day soon!! (only for like a weeks pay though).

still haven’t done any artwork, but have read more. Dangerous territory. I got to start making!!

I found this which was intriguing:



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