Money the root of all evil

So back to the issue of my European trip. I had 400 quid in my head for travel and accomodation if we were smart in Europe for 3 weeks, but stupidily forgetting something which is way more costly and with the taxes and gas prices going up, it is likely that the prices will flucturate higher… I am talking about food of course!!

Espeically with the shit exchange rate from pound to euro, technically we would be losing money. This must be how Americans must feeling coming to europe.

So America, west coast, sounds awesome. But I’ll need £600 for flights and accomodation and food for 2 weeks ish. Which isnt bad really, if you think about it. But I only have £600 left in my overdraft – you know with me being a bit too greedy in NYC and come on – you only really live in NYC once! Literally! And cuz I pay for all my opportunities fully by myself it means I’m always broke. I’ve never thought so much about money in along time. Like I work this horrible job but in a month I will have only earnt £600. I know what you’re thinking, thats my money!! Well I have £350 rent goin out too. And I’ll have 2 buy the plane tickets before I get paid from working.

Ahhh. Why can’t I have rich middle classfamily life. Or even LOADS of relatives to scroung off… but nope! Just me, my mom and my nan and my younger bro. That’s the end of the family tree. Great.

So I’ve applied for a student card, and I doubt I will get accepted because I have bad credit – for some strange reason – i think it’s through my mom.

On a positive note though, i have £60 of tax that needs 2 be claimed…. bad news though- I dunno how 2 claim it?? lol

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