I hate flying – FACT

I had an absolute nightmare getting to the airport yesterday. My flight back to Chicago was at 8:55am. I thought that I had to get back to the office at AREA, but alas the people i was working with are all not in Chicago aswell!  So here’s some advise to y’all. DON’T book an earlyContinue reading “I hate flying – FACT”

Thinkin’ up a master (money) making plan

So, currently I have been working  a series of crazy part time/fulltime summer jobs in order to make some money.  But everytime I make some cash, it seems to go on direct debits, plane tickets, getting to and from work, getting to and from sheffield, food shopping etc, so basically  my money just goes onContinue reading “Thinkin’ up a master (money) making plan”

My story of the bottle of Coca-Cola part2.

This is my story of the bottle of Coca Cola part 2. Anyway, let’s start this story when I was like: “Screw you Mom. Screw you status quo against working class in the artworld…. this summer i’m going to work in a New York Gallery and I’m moving to Brooklyn!” And then a couple of months later I was completely brokeContinue reading “My story of the bottle of Coca-Cola part2.”

Credit cards and Junk Mail

So with my instant gratification instincts that my generation has been brought up with, I’ve just been accepted for my first Credit Card. I’ve got it to help out with the costs of San Francisco, because well… I’m poor… I don’t get any help from my family and I don’t want money to get inContinue reading “Credit cards and Junk Mail”

Money the root of all evil

So back to the issue of my European trip. I had 400 quid in my head for travel and accomodation if we were smart in Europe for 3 weeks, but stupidily forgetting something which is way more costly and with the taxes and gas prices going up, it is likely that the prices will flucturateContinue reading “Money the root of all evil”