Assessment time..

I hate it. i do realise that


And the irony of being ripped to shreds  (It hasn’t yet, but it will) in my assessment would be the validation the subject matter needs. Like that would make it ‘radical’ . It would be like when Hans Haacke got cancelled from the Guggenhiem in the 60’s. But Smizz got a shit mark for being critical and so on the mark with the current state of regeneration and gentrification of UK cities.  But I hate the waiting, the over fetishing of the work to suit those institutional boundaries which clogg the necessity of the work. I understand its a weakness of mine; trying to think creatively with WOWing tutors with something ‘radical/sophisticated’ because for me, it’s the meaning of the work. So yeah, why bind it in a book when it means nothing to do that? Ahh the hipocracy.

I’ve had 2 and half hours sleep since sunday. Rocccck On.

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