Recently my handwriting is getting disgraceful. It depends on what type of pen I am using and whether there is something under the piece of paper as to how I write. If I’m rushing then I tend to mix and match capitals and low case letters. Sometimes it changes font like 4 times in a paragraph.

Example: Hi TherE?! Hows are things going? I Hope That youRe doin’ gooD!

Sometimes I get complimented on my handwriting. But that’s rare, but it happens. Richie hates how I write – but he writes like a child – in that very bland medioca way that you tried writing in that style when you was 14. You know, you half expect him to put love hearts above his I’s. I’m sure he would, if he wrote stuff down more. (He says he can’t understand mine).Pinky always said my handwriting looks like a teachers. Recently I have adopted that spazzy yet cool looking illustrator artist typography. I can’t help but think CLICHE when I write like that – but it’s not on purpose. It’s a mixture of spazzy cool with teacher scrawl with capital letters done in a graffiti tagg way. I’d give you an example, but I don’t have one right now. Also I have always wrote really heavy, I also draw heavy handed too. – I find that I have more control over what I am doing then.

I will say though, that when I write with a biro – i write like I have been drinking!

But what does all this mean? I mean apparently you can psychoanalyse someone by their handwriting. By how your letters curve or slant to the right – it means your creative but depressed – (i’m just guessing there) So since I am so busy these days, i decided to divert my energy into researching how I write.

Writers with heavy pressure are usually highly successful. They have a lot of vitality and their emotional experiences last for a long time. (I’ll accept that!)

A right slant (////) signals one who responds strongly to emotional situations. They are caring, warm and outgoing– their heart rules their mind.

A normal baseline should be slightly wavy. An ascending baseline means optimism. Someone with a “quick” mind will write these letters with sharp pointed tops. These writers are quick to comprehend and retain ideas. They are usually considered “smart.”

The speed of the script reveals much about the writer. Fast writers can be spontaneous, impatient, ambitious, aggressive, negligent, quick thinkers, accident prone, etc.

and thats me! I’mma have to do you a writing sample and post it 2mozzle.

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