2 reasons why I rock right now…

1) I just managed to get  a copy of :

get ready – behold….. Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol (Black God, White Devil) by Glauber Rocha in 1964. Only one of the BEST Brazilian movies of ALL TIME. Forget Motorcycle Dairies…. It’s plot is basically about a poverty-stricken cowpoker kills his abusive boss [rock on? ]. He becomes first an outlaw and then a disciple of a black religious revolutionary who preaches violence as the only way out. Folk songs combine with the music of Villa Lobos and Bach to illustrate the highly symbolic story…

I came across this movie some 3/4 years ago. I was exercising my curiosities with Marxism and Revolution -simultaneously – and as one would expect – I came across Latin politics and Cuban revolution.. Che and all that. And I loved it, just a li’l bit. (If our government became worried about communists in the UK and raided peoples houses- i’d be straight to prison .. I have so many books. Examples -” Schooling the Revolution”, ” Communist Manifesto”, ” Das Kapital,” ” Zapatista: Reinventing Revolution in Mexico ” etc need I go on? There are more ///If I never studied art I would be doing sociology specializing in revolution for sure.) And I started watching all these movies about revolution and Che – and after watching The Motorcycle Diaries (I have read all of Che’s books) I found this movie. I managed to see about half of it online but have never seen the ending and have found it virtually impossible to find. Until now – Fresh on DVD imported fo sheezy. A dazzling masterpiece that shows an existential cry for man to determine his own path…. a soulful surrealistic,gory Brazilian folklore movie. What more would you want? It dips its toes mixing and matching amazing cinematography and iconography of popular culture, with this exasperatingly exciting editing to show the horrors of poverty – so revolutionary of its time.  I’ve always hoped that art will bring around change, but we’ve yet to see it do so. This movie gave me hope.

“Only when he is confronted with violence can the coloniser understand, through horror, the strength of the culture he exploits,” Rocha once wrote. Fo’ shizzle.

The 2nd thing that makes me rock tonight is: my ebay winning. The Conscious Daughters – Ear To The Street CD ALBUM. For 3 quid. Do you know how rare that cd is? VERY! You can’t even download it. We’re going old school- WAY BACK! 

So I hope for your sake, as the reader… that You’re totally as syked as I am :o) all this revolutionary typing is making me wanna go and get-my che tee shirt on and rock up all my revolutionary gear. (I’ve made speeches and everything!) I think Marxism needs to tweaked for a postmodern society – but it is indeed just as relevant today, if not more, than it was X amount of years ago. The revolutionary part needs to be re-written. And yes, I have done something of the sort – 3/4 years ago… If you’re lucky enough…. one day I might post something up on here.

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