Thank you 2011, Hello and welcome 2012!

Last year I hoped for these things:

  1. I really wish that my family & friends are happy, and well & no1 dies!
  2. to actually get a job i really really really want. it doesn’t have to pay well, just something i enjoy & will help me to get on that ladder called ‘career’.
  3. to travel, see the world, meet new people/friends & stay in touch with old friends – in-short TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY
  4. I really really wish that 2011 will bring much inspiration for great artworks (of mine) and i look forward to the challenge of jugging job, with art practice & living in the donx.
  5. I hope i can help people who need it most.
  6. i hope i can do some teaching.
  7. that i get some awesome exhibition opportunities / residencies. (really really really hope this 1 happens)

On reflection:

  1. I think this happened.
  2. Didn’t really happen, but I did certainly get some golden opportunities.
  3. Happened
  4. Sort of and didn’t happen, depending whether the glass is half full or empty.
  5. Didn’t happen (boooo!)
  6. I did teach; but I don’t think all of it was in the vein I was hoping for. But still – what an amazing experience!
  7. I got some! Yay!  Not to brag or anything, but 5th NYC show this summer. Yeah! Thanks Postmasters!
WHAT I WISH WISH WISH for in 2012: Keeping the same values/wishes/hopes/resolutions as last year:
  1. That my mom, bro, nan and friends are all super happy and that NO ONE DIES!
  2. I think with the current economic climate and my position within society that getting a job i really really really want is not as probable as one would like. So, let’s change this. I want a job that I enjoy: that challenges me and gets me on that societal idea of ‘career’. So PLEASE New Year help me find these golden eggs of opportunity and help me reach my potential. Help me get a kick-ass illustration and art portfolio together in order to get representation with an agency so I can support myself mostly through doing what I love.
  3. TRAVEL THE WORLD AGAIN PLEASE!  I love meeting new people, and every experience adds to my thoughts, and work. If I can make new friends and keep it sweet and in touch with my great friends -new and old – this will be awesome on its own!
  4. This year I need to be more motivated. Be more time-focused. Less TV and more drawing. More blog work updates, less scrawling through the Facebook time-line. This is also very, very do-able if I just organize my priorities too! I need to make more great art-works rather than just research and develope ideas that never get shown.
  5. I really really hope that i can make a positive difference this year, help others that need it, and make the world a place i’m proud to live in.
  6. More teaching opportunities PLEASE! This is a must if i want a chance at achieving number 5!
  7. As with any artist, any exhibition/residential/print opportunities no matter how small or little they may seem all adds to the endless cannon of critical thinking and art practice!
Goals/Working plan on how to achive the above:
I think if we play it by month by month, with the over-view of the years goals  – we can set ourselves up to perhaps hitting or nearly achieving the above: (if we’re being optimistic!)
– Finish illustrating the kids book about the glasses that can see into the future. Write a kids book about otters holding hands!
-Draw a cool drawing every 5 days. This will add to your portfolio and we can build it up from there.
-Actually apply for residencies – rather than filling out forms and not sending them off with fear of rejection. No loss/ No gain!
– Need to get over myself and actually make my ideas real rather than thinking they’re doomed to fail before they’ve even began.
– Be on the second draft of PHD proposal by the end of January, beginning of Feb.
– get a job/opportunity abroad in order to travel!
In addition to the above goals I would also like to add:
– Get onto or at least be rejected and have a decent proposal to work with for a PHD. Hopefully it will be the former part of the sentence.
– See the ball drop in New York City welcoming in 2013. No idea how I’m going to work this one, but we shall see!

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