I could blog for ever

i could juts blog all the time. i love it!  though, sometimes i wish i could blog straight away – like twitter – like i used to (more spare time and that) i’d like to write more about art than i have done so recently, but since i crushed my own dreams of becoming aContinue reading “I could blog for ever”

its the weekend jumpoff!

i have so much to do this weekend. 2mozzle i have the dentist which I AM NOT looking forward to; hopefully im going 2 submit a submission for a show. tomorrow we have the opening at CAKE; which should be interesting. and my moms going lol. and stopping the night sat: then i’m going toContinue reading “its the weekend jumpoff!”


I’m not a writer… I wish I was  – that’s why I am practicing but please be aware – not toooo much harsh criticism… but constructive criticism is welcome. key word is CONSTRUCTIVE. :o)