Being A Bit Quiet…

Designing is like a whole separate way of working compared to when I create work as an artist. The whole function over form, form and function as an equal playing field. I’d love to learn how to do real typography and letterpressing! I’ve been making my own letters, carving them from wood and lino.  I’ve been lookingContinue reading “Being A Bit Quiet…”

request ad reinhardt to be your friend!

an ambigious title, yes. But it is indeed true… regardless of the fact that Ad is dead, unfortunately, but his art lives on and all that. I found the weirdest thing this morning, doing my usual weird searching at 2:34 am after watching Into The Wild for the 10000th time. (gets me all excited forContinue reading “request ad reinhardt to be your friend!”

Up & Coming Exhibition, UK here is their website. It says it’s up and running… this is a lie!! Lol. It merely has the front page, which means they nearly got it sorted but got bored, so it’s not ready at all! I did the same thing with StreetForm… however the website will be ready when I come bizackContinue reading “Up & Coming Exhibition, UK”