Intelligent Life

So because i feel like i have to make up for my last moany post, to make myself feel less of a jack-ass i had to comment on something socially retarded – makes me feel more important lol. On the cover of this months intelligent Life magazine is…. Paris Hilton!?! The keyword here being INTELLIGENTContinue reading “Intelligent Life”

welcome back by improveverywhere!

Improv Everywhere strikes again! This time around they are welcoming total strangers at JFK airport! Flowers, balloons, and personalised posters (names taken from car driver signs)! Great stuff! Hit “more” to view the video: In an Absolut World, Everyone Would be Welcomed Home from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo. I know there will be comments regarding theContinue reading “welcome back by improveverywhere!”

Wazzzup!?! A Revisit

So you remember in the 1999’s there was that fucking annoying commericial on advertising buswiser, and everyone would copy it. Well I just found it on YouTube and it reminded me just own ANNOYING it was. But more interestingly: Two terms of George W. Bush’s leadership have sure managed to change things. The original BudweiserContinue reading “Wazzzup!?! A Revisit”

Comment -ary

My friend and I have joked for a long time now that the comments on youtube videos are way entertaining than the videos themselves. The website takes this concept one step further. “Decontextualized video comments become modern pieces of poetry.” I don’t know about poetry but some of them are pretty funny and oftenContinue reading “Comment -ary”