Road Trip

by Stephen Shore Limited to 3,300 copies, plus 100 artists proofs, each copy is signed and numbered by the photographer. This special, highly collectible limited edition book is the only complete documentation of Shore’s month-long road trip across America in 1973 featuring a reproduction of every page of the journal he made on this tripContinue reading “Road Trip”

My story of the bottle of Coca-Cola part2.

This is my story of the bottle of Coca Cola part 2. Anyway, let’s start this story when I was like: “Screw you Mom. Screw you status quo against working class in the artworld…. this summer i’m going to work in a New York Gallery and I’m moving to Brooklyn!” And then a couple of months later I was completely brokeContinue reading “My story of the bottle of Coca-Cola part2.”

Amtrak – cross country USA

I love travelling, even if it is comfortably (or maybe uncomfortably) by train and not pushing boundaries via hitchhiking. we are seeing more of the west coast, first time in the mid west for me going to Chicago… and then to good ol’ faithful New York City. Gotta love it: check out our BOOKED/RESERVED itinery:Continue reading “Amtrak – cross country USA”

Money the root of all evil

So back to the issue of my European trip. I had 400 quid in my head for travel and accomodation if we were smart in Europe for 3 weeks, but stupidily forgetting something which is way more costly and with the taxes and gas prices going up, it is likely that the prices will flucturateContinue reading “Money the root of all evil”

History in the Making

FINIALLY. An image/sign that change is in the air. I feel privledged to have seen the first black candidate for President. I hope that I will have the further privledge of our first black president. Now that would be awesome. Of course, what would be better than a black president.. would be a black workingContinue reading “History in the Making”

I wish I had a duel passport

Half UK citizen, half American. That would be awesome. Instead, my dreams of working and living in NYC are shit more harder than I have ever thought. Just been looking at Visa forms… shit. Lol. It was hard enough doing it through Camp America. Never mind to work and live, for the future. Pssscccctttt!  Continue reading “I wish I had a duel passport”