Renzo Piano

So our move to Sheffield Hallams city campus from our amazing PSalter Lane campus has been somewhat eventful. Studios resemble that of prison, all we need is bunks.. although there probably wouldnt be any room for bunks. The great gallery space which is now studio space for a few studio groups closes really early tillContinue reading “Renzo Piano”

Thomas Prior

In my excitement at the fact that I’m catching my plane in less than 24 hours, and I gotta catch my train down 2 london in like 2 hours, I wanted 2 get a glimpse of some cool pictures of the west coast of america when I came across some amazing little moments captured byContinue reading “Thomas Prior”

The Rush

The problem with taking a MUCH NEEDED vacation, abroad – specifically the USA, is the crazy rush. It’s specifically a crazy rush because I start back at college 4 days after I arrive back in the UK. No problems you’re thinking. Well for anyone normal, that would be the case. For Smizz it is not.Continue reading “The Rush”

Smizz treats

So today was the last day at my painstaking job. YIPPEEEEEEE. It was different, and an experience… and it helped me get some cash together to do my USA cross country Amtrak journey…. although I have about $5 for each place I visit because of my somewhat slave labour wage, and because we are nowContinue reading “Smizz treats”