New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…

I need to get on one of those lists where publishers and magazines send you books and dvds for free, and exhibition tickets so you can check them out and then maybe perhaps review them. Does anyone know how to do that?? Anyways more important things: SE might stand for “Special Edition”, and this definitelyContinue reading “New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…”


I’m totally NERVOUS about the whole election vote in America. Tomorrow could be the change of history. The hope and change that we have been looking for! And I can’t think of anything more exciting than that. I’m half regretting the fact that I’m going to Berlin for the week 2moz, because I kind ofContinue reading “BERLIN 2MOZ”

Wazzzup!?! A Revisit

So you remember in the 1999’s there was that fucking annoying commericial on advertising buswiser, and everyone would copy it. Well I just found it on YouTube and it reminded me just own ANNOYING it was. But more interestingly: Two terms of George W. Bush’s leadership have sure managed to change things. The original BudweiserContinue reading “Wazzzup!?! A Revisit”