NYC again – for what? 125th time?

i’m sure there’s much more exciting, arty, and funny things to blog about other than how smizz really wants to head back to NYC and knows that it will be a reallllllllllllllll squeeze into everything. From money to the fact that I have literally  10 projects happening all UK wide in the space of theContinue reading “NYC again – for what? 125th time?”

sheffield just too depressing

The city is gloomy. Thick, low grey clouds hang depressingly refracting any natural light. This is the sort of stuff that causes S.A.D. I need 2 get out of the UK to somewhere sunny and warm, ya heard? Frisco looks sunny and warm according to my i-google! On another note: I am ….(future black president)Continue reading “sheffield just too depressing”

I got a crush on Obama

Is what I got on my Facebook profile thanks to Shivver’s posting it on my wall. I’m definiately infactuated with the idea of Obama, this is true. The idea that change and hope have come through – the idea that it SHOULD work this time around. I’m obsessing over the idea that you know, maybeContinue reading “I got a crush on Obama”


Now don’t say that smizzle doesn’t give you anything man! I’m writing this post on my brand-new MacBook fo’ shizzle. It’s sexy and smooth. But you know i do miss the ghetto-ness of my windows xp laptop. I got half of Primark (you know too many socks to count!) and 2 cds and 2 dvds.Continue reading “HAPPY CHRISTMAS!”

New School,NYC, in Exile….

The New York Schools in Exile Occupation The original idea of the University in Exile, and the New School in general, was to be a safe-haven for academic freedom and scholarship free of oppressive political regimes, be they in Europe or America, and to be a center for critical engagement with important issues of ourContinue reading “New School,NYC, in Exile….”