What i gotta do to make 2010 awesome!?

So it’s nearly 2 weeks into the new year. I have conducted 1 of the new sheffield publication meetings, i have also finished my report and presentation, wrote a letter of support to area chicago, half way reading through situation book and institutional critique. i have put in a few proposals for an amazing NYCContinue reading “What i gotta do to make 2010 awesome!?”

Fee or no Fee?

So, we know that my relationships with the institution – whether that be the University/academy, or the school, or the gallery/museum, or the family, ect – are rocky, and often precarious. No matter what I do, I always seem to be screwed by them. Take the place where I study.  I love SHU. I thinkContinue reading “Fee or no Fee?”

Renzo Piano

So our move to Sheffield Hallams city campus from our amazing PSalter Lane campus has been somewhat eventful. Studios resemble that of prison, all we need is bunks.. although there probably wouldnt be any room for bunks. The great gallery space which is now studio space for a few studio groups closes really early tillContinue reading “Renzo Piano”