See ya 2013, Ahola 2014!

2013 was one crazy year. It was both insanely busy and then had weeks, if not months where it felt all I did was get up around 1pm, try and do some work – still feeling hungover- a heavy fatigue that I just can’t shake (even though I hadn’t touched liquor in months)  and byContinue reading “See ya 2013, Ahola 2014!”

What Happens in Memphis, stays in Memphis (& New Orleans) Roadtrip continued

  SUNDAY Memphis (continued) We get to Memphis. And we already know that it’s PARTY TIME because we change CD and this CD has 2pac -Changes & Sean Paul – Get Busy on it. ( a song that basically captures my life when I was 15 and when i had a crush on my JamaicanContinue reading “What Happens in Memphis, stays in Memphis (& New Orleans) Roadtrip continued”


  Let me introduce us. There are 5 of us. All international, 3 Brits and 2 Slovakians. Josh & Rado are our designated drivers. Shaggy was our map-reader until we outsourced his job to the china made GPS. I’m the resident blogger, facebooker and paranoid weather-person And Katerina is the person who keeps things interestingContinue reading “3 DAYS, 10 STATES* AND A GPS PURCHASE LATER. The USA ROADTRIP SO FAR.”


Camp/motels/hostels/hotels/places to stay Sites USA Roadtrip Option 1: (6th September 2012) NYC -> DC (Stay in DC for a few hours) – Ride to West Virgina – stay there the night. WEST VIRGINA CAMP SITES: ‪Kanawha State Forest‬‎ ‪7500 Kanawha State Forest Drive‬ ‪Charleston, West Virginia 25314‬ ‪(304) 558-3500‬ ‪‬‎ ‪100 Baker Lane‬ ‪Charleston, WVContinue reading “ROAD TRIP SCHEDULE.”

Help me plan a USA Road trip this summer

I’m excited. I have 3/4 friends who are actually game for a roadtrip in the USA this summer. I know what you’re thinking, why do you need friends to do a roadtrip anyways? I can’t drive. So basically I need friends so I can be a freeloader passenger (map navigator I will call myself). It’s really theContinue reading “Help me plan a USA Road trip this summer”

Advise to myself, to-do-list, reminders for life generally.

remember everything is connected.   start anywhere.   learn to fail, or fail to learn.   master yourself.    create your own systems.    good questions are very important.    strike a balance between thinking and doing.    mind and body are not separate.     exercise.    walk when you can.     books and travel are moreContinue reading “Advise to myself, to-do-list, reminders for life generally.”

Back in New York City

Friday night, I’m in New Hampshire. Spending what I think is going to be my last night. The threat of Hurricane Irene is on the news, but we’re in New England so it’s no biggy. People post stuff on Facebook to government and news travel warnings for those going to/leaving/ already in NYC. I think,Continue reading “Back in New York City”

New York, New York – touristy tips

I’ve worked in NYC, had several shows in NYC, and been such a tourist – and everytime I go – I ALWAYS find something new and amazing that i missed the 1st time around. Friends here in the UK always ask me for some advise. So here’s some for anyone going to NYC on vacation,Continue reading “New York, New York – touristy tips”