Here’s to wishing everyone a super awesome holiday & to an incredible new year! 2012 has been a phenomenal adventure, in which I discovered what an amazing support network of the most generous & kindest & awesomest friends I have. I’m the luckiest Smizz alive! Thanks guys for making 2012 a winner, and helping meContinue reading “HAPPY SMIZZMAS!”

Thanks to Y’all, I have raised & given over £750 to charity this year!

There’s nothing like looking at your Virgin Money and JustGiving account and Charity Tax receipts to see just how much people have helped you to raise money for great causes. The end of the year is perfect for reflection, and I think nothing is more apt than seeing others help others to help others! Here is theContinue reading “Thanks to Y’all, I have raised & given over £750 to charity this year!”

Just a thank you drawing, for you cool cats

      who helped us raise LOADS of £££ on our crazy sponsored 24 mile bike ride 2 weeks ago. Prints will be coming your way. This is for everyone who has supported me through a tough-health year & for those who have given me some AMAZING opportunities. Practicing kindness, y’all!

Friendsgiving : Things in Life To Be Thankful For

On Thursday my amazing friends humoured me in re-doing our new Thanksgiving Tradition! We’re all British. Not one of us has American relatives, but we decided to do it because I’m a somewhat wanna-be New Yorker, and by the time November comes around, I’m already super missing the USA. My friends get this. I’m soContinue reading “Friendsgiving : Things in Life To Be Thankful For”