Altermodern HIPHOP

Altermodern HIP-HOP. found footage from you-tube, from all different cultures – blurring the borders of mixing, copyright laws and shows the real potential of initiative and imagination check it

Google Maps Typography.

 Google Maps Typography. Looks like Eric Tabuchi has some competition in the found letters department!

today I got stopped by the fuzzt

I got stopped by the fuzz for drawing on the wall with chalk. they were like… well just don’t do it with anything else other than chalk, love. it’s the same method as hop-scotch, do the fuzz interrupt kids playing that? as you can see these are really small versions, compact -(so they look abitContinue reading “today I got stopped by the fuzzt”


is an amazing company. I LOVE them.I pay extra for incase cuz i know it’s quality. I have the incase collab with Krink which is amazing For those of you who like an understated approach to color, here is the plain black version of the Incase Skate Messenger Bag… and an instructional video as toContinue reading “incase”

sarah smizz dot com updated

yeah i’ve updated some pages on my website you should check it, especially how good my resume is lookin for a working class kid in Doncaster, UK! I need to go to the bank 2moz and transfer some money to Heath. I haven’t really had time all week. grrrrr.

to do list

Make more collages Write about the series Make stickers Think about presentation Clean up sketchbookS Do more performances Create animation from images Update/make Powerpoint WRITE MORE REVIEWS Draw and document it Tidy up research. research the production of space more write something about it put work up in exhibition do proposals make measurements


today i had the weirdest day. I decided to go for a walk with my bro’s crap digital camera (i really appreciate my SLR Camera now) taking pictures of the place I live. I got stopped on 4 occasions. The first, asked me if i was an artist. The 2nd was an old friend of mine! theContinue reading “Doncaster”

Smizz’s artistic statement of intentions!

SO YEAH I’m getting alot of hits these days for my photo montages.  I bet alot of you are actually wondering what they are all about? Well here is an institutionally written up to dat artist statement for my whole art practice. Check it     Architectural Entropy ////////// RE-Sampling Space ///// Space Production ArtisticContinue reading “Smizz’s artistic statement of intentions!”