Tate and street art

I’m not sure what I thinkĀ about this. My intital reaction is,”hells yeah!” But until I see it (next week) I’m going to act nutural towards one of my fav phenomons. The problem I have with it, is the act of which street art is treated as an artworld commodity. It looses it’s intigrity, it’s contextContinue reading “Tate and street art”

The Splasher…

The controversial Splasher. So yeah, the Splasherrrrr. It’s about a year old in news, but I still feel like it needs a good mention. Us in the UK only really heard of it through that Banksy blahhhh of being splashed. Boo-Hoo. People ripp my work down all the time. Its like that. So I foundContinue reading “The Splasher…”