A change of a city SURFace

A city usually associated with frosty beer and weather, Montréal shows off their summer side with a surf spot on the St. Lawrence River. Hidden behind the prestigious Habitat 67—a Moshe Safdie apartment building infamous for its Expo 67debut and infinite occupancy waiting list—the location may sound tame. One look at the wetsuit-clad surfers navigating the surf proves thatContinue reading “A change of a city SURFace”

re visioning China Town, LA – USA

Urban visionary James Rojas captures the energy of L.A.’s transient Chinatown environment in his exhibit Re-imagining Chinatown: An Interactive Planning Process. Nationally acclaimed for his insight into U.S. Latino urban built culture and co-founder of the Latino Urban Forum, Rojas brings his intimacy with community to the exhibition aiming to create an installation that “mimics the dynamic and collectiveContinue reading “re visioning China Town, LA – USA”

to do or not to do, is the question?

Today I have had my hair cut and restyled; done the house shopping; hoovered downstairs; researched more places to live in Chicago and helped cook dinner.  And it’s only 6pm. This sounds like a semi-productive day, no? Well, actually, it isn’t the productivity that I was looking for. See, I was hoping read and re-readContinue reading “to do or not to do, is the question?”

‘fake’ revolution & art

  Not sure how my paper (that i’m writing just for fun.. no purpose) is going to turn out but i’m enjoying researching it never the less…  but this cartoon is just a very very very small taster… and a helping hand to get me to start blogging again! come on smizzle…

ridic design rules for you to dis-obey!

51 famous and obscure design rules that are accompanied by chronologically placed quotes (courtesy of designers, architects, fashion designers, typographers and other creatives) and an image that either negates or supports the rule. Later this year titles on Ridiculous Fashion Rules, Ridiculous Advertising Rules and Ridiculous Typography Rules will be published.

a cool idea

A delegation is out in Palm Springs, Ca for the launch of our first collaborative shoe with Generic Surplus. Arkitip designed a temporary pop up shop at the onsite Ace Boutique next to the main pool to reflect the overall aesthetic of the project. A limited amount of men’s and women’s shoes will be available for purchase. AContinue reading “a cool idea”


My blogging will probably come to a 4 week standstill – like summer 2007 – I’m going down to Hastings, East Essex UK – sleeping mad crazy rough – in sleeping bags… barely a roof… so defo no wireless internet haha!  will be able to twitter from my phone though – so keep up toContinue reading “Blogging”