Smizz unnamely gets a mention in This months ART MONTHLY

With the debate of Art Education becoming hastly heated amoungst the masses of art students, arts and educators alike Art Monthly gets loads of letters written in about the state of Art schools today. If you think that we have evolved over the last 80+ years then you should guess again. Take Sheffield Hallam, PSalter Lane campus.Continue reading “Smizz unnamely gets a mention in This months ART MONTHLY”

YO, where are you from?

So I know that I’ve always felt displaced. And I like to think my artwork mirrors the idea that I am, and society is starting to be, culturally displaced. Like I have said before, my upbringing (that being me doing what I want since it was single parent family and my mom had to workContinue reading “YO, where are you from?”

History in the Making

FINIALLY. An image/sign that change is in the air. I feel privledged to have seen the first black candidate for President. I hope that I will have the further privledge of our first black president. Now that would be awesome. Of course, what would be better than a black president.. would be a black workingContinue reading “History in the Making”

“The Working class have less IQ”

ApparentlY. Anyone who knows me, will know that this article completely makes me so angry – it is unbelievable. Clearily, Bruce Charlton, an evolutionary psychiatrist at Newcastle University, IS A COMPLETE TWAT. I bet he has a lower than average IQ of the nation. This type of essay / report is exactly the reasonContinue reading ““The Working class have less IQ””