i work very hard

i did this reflections piece for #class and in it, i said that I was bitter. i was given advise of that i need to stop being bitter by my previous professor, michael corris, saying that i need to forget what was – and concentrate on what will be. and what is right now. iContinue reading “i work very hard”

it’s been a while

hey all. so whilst i’ve been gone, a lot of y’all have been pumping my visitor numbers!  Wow. talk about getting some crazy internet traffic!!!  thank y’all!  I mean, i’ll be honest — i think it’s just people who want to know who “sarah smizz” is from the #CLASS exhibition (http://hashtagclass.blogspot.com) – they wanna knowContinue reading “it’s been a while”

I could blog for ever

i could juts blog all the time. i love it!  though, sometimes i wish i could blog straight away – like twitter – like i used to (more spare time and that) i’d like to write more about art than i have done so recently, but since i crushed my own dreams of becoming aContinue reading “I could blog for ever”

I couldn’t resist this photo of a man blown off his feet by high winds on the British coast. [Image: Photo by Steve Poole/Rex Features, via the Guardian]. How could we take better spatial advantage of meteorological situations like this, I wonder, whether that means designing parachute-like clothing lines for weekend air-surfing or perhaps manufacturing perfectlyContinue reading

after another birthday

My friend Bwizz always thinks that every time a birthday of mine comes around, I see it as an opportunity to start something – a project, an adventerous piece of writing, ect – to convince myself that I am doing something that gives me some relevance to my existence and ambitions. He would be slightlyContinue reading “after another birthday”

What i gotta do to make 2010 awesome!?

So it’s nearly 2 weeks into the new year. I have conducted 1 of the new sheffield publication meetings, i have also finished my report and presentation, wrote a letter of support to area chicago, half way reading through situation book and institutional critique. i have put in a few proposals for an amazing NYCContinue reading “What i gotta do to make 2010 awesome!?”