Bank Holidays

I hate Bank Holidays. There’s nothing to do, except shop. And the stores are always bursting with people.¬† And shit TV. and that’s it. I mean, surely there should be more to Bank Holidays. Spring Bank is even worse. The Library and Uni is closed for Monday AND Tuesday. Luckily I got some DVDs out.Continue reading “Bank Holidays”

“The Working class have less IQ”

ApparentlY. Anyone who knows me, will know that this article completely makes me so angry – it is unbelievable. Clearily, Bruce Charlton, an evolutionary psychiatrist at Newcastle University, IS A COMPLETE TWAT. I bet he has a lower than average IQ of the nation. This type of essay / report is exactly the reasonContinue reading ““The Working class have less IQ””

Essay writing: The stages of.

So with one essay looming for me to get my feedback/mark back before I can really start to plan/write my first draft of my dissertation, i’m doing some research, as if the essay had a good idea. (The essay was llike a tester ground).Other than that, I’m not doing much. And it dawned on me….Continue reading “Essay writing: The stages of.”

The Art of Fly Postering. ( Part 1. )

The Art of Fly Postering. ” If one wanted to make a work of art which was blank, an absence, a cancellation, some how devoid of meaning, it would clearly be impossible.” – Joseph Kosuth This is because, as a public, we have already given meaning to the work by indicating that it is indeedContinue reading “The Art of Fly Postering. ( Part 1. )”

The Dialoguists, Ya digg?

So everyone knows the Art&Language artist crew of the 1970’s. Well the Dialoguists are like a really small (or rather un informed, perhaps? ) version of that. (for those who don’t know We want to re-establish the conversational collaborative discourses in contemporary art. Vague? Yes. Interesting – Most definitely!? Learning and stimulating…. you betContinue reading “The Dialoguists, Ya digg?”

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Tributes. 40 Years this month to the 1968 student French Revolution! Why don’t we have balls like that?! Ahh how I am so nostalgic to the 60s and 70s of NYC and Paris. Robert Rauschenberg died on the 12th May. Long live his work though. I remember my mom being pissed that I made herContinue reading “Hasta la Victoria Siempre”