As we know, I’m not best pleased with my summer job… although it has paid for my next travels to the USA.  On my days off, I try and make the best of them. Whether that be working on some art, researching, catching up with friends or going places outside of the Donx. Usually itContinue reading “Signs”


UNDERCLASSRISING I came to Sheffield, Because I thought post-industrial banality was cool, now i’M way too cool for Sheffield. Read On.. Who needs Sheffield when you’ve got Saatchi & Saatchi. Charles loved the way we wanted to gentrify some naff old Cooling Towers in the name of art; he thought that it would make the perfect ‘cum shot’Continue reading “UNDERCLASSISM”

Demolishing date set for the amazing Sheffield Cooling Towers.

Times are harsh when even regeneration fads want to tear down a local, historical icon. It’s not everyday some cooling towers can be called ‘public art’, nor do we want every cooling tower to be classed as some local monument, but for Sheffield, the cooling towers are just that. They are iconic. They are like theContinue reading “Demolishing date set for the amazing Sheffield Cooling Towers.”

Smizz unnamely gets a mention in This months ART MONTHLY

With the debate of Art Education becoming hastly heated amoungst the masses of art students, arts and educators alike Art Monthly gets loads of letters written in about the state of Art schools today. If you think that we have evolved over the last 80+ years then you should guess again. Take Sheffield Hallam, PSalter Lane campus.Continue reading “Smizz unnamely gets a mention in This months ART MONTHLY”

New York City 2morrow…

So as the big day descends down on me, like a 49 year old counting down to the dreaded thought of being 50, I’m really starting to shit myself, just alil bit…. well alot! Moving to the big city. Just a small town girl, living in her lonely world she took the midday flight going toContinue reading “New York City 2morrow…”

The all seeing Eye camera project

Today was a day that was abit out of the ‘norm’. recently my days have consisted of movies, reading, drawing, chatting shit, vaguely planning the revolution and one line a day script writing. Today, I actually did something. Brendan and myself had to follow James around whilst he had 65 cameras strapped to his body.Continue reading “The all seeing Eye camera project”

Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie

I found this page: wHERE To get free wi-fi in Sheffield. For all of you Sheffielians out there, this is the page for you! Also I saw Sex and the City movie today. So yeahhh what I thought about the movie is: It was enjoyable, I’ll buy it on DVD but not as spectacularContinue reading “Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie”