sheffield just too depressing

The city is gloomy. Thick, low grey clouds hang depressingly refracting any natural light. This is the sort of stuff that causes S.A.D. I need 2 get out of the UK to somewhere sunny and warm, ya heard? Frisco looks sunny and warm according to my i-google! On another note: I am ….(future black president)Continue reading “sheffield just too depressing”

is just getting too old

21 today. my life is disappearing before me. i’m only 39 years away from getting a free bus pass. Now that’s perspective! On another note: imagine having some sort of cool art campaign against gentrification including the public/community embedded art pieces – e.g.

rethinking architectural and dialogical spaces within the public sphere

look familiar?

New Year Resolutions

RESOLUTIONS ARE: – To maintain, or do [ideally] better in my grades at college.  So MORE WORK since i’m an MA student now. – practice my critical art writing skills – That the year 2009 is just as fun and amazing as 2008! – Don’t worry – BE HAPPY! – make more time for friends.Continue reading “New Year Resolutions”


Now don’t say that smizzle doesn’t give you anything man! I’m writing this post on my brand-new MacBook fo’ shizzle. It’s sexy and smooth. But you know i do miss the ghetto-ness of my windows xp laptop. I got half of Primark (you know too many socks to count!) and 2 cds and 2 dvds.Continue reading “HAPPY CHRISTMAS!”

a life of a smizz

So recently, I have been MAD BUSY. I’ve been to London LIKE 4 TIMES in a month, Berlin, partied for Obama, been ill like 4 times (and I’m still poorly!) I slept for 14 hours straight yesterday. Can you believe that? i can’t! Ive had exhibitions, after exhibitions. So here is a quick taster ofContinue reading “a life of a smizz”