Richie is like my bestest friend at Uni, and one of my best friends in general. He’s also one of my housemates. He’s this tall guy who is 21 going on 22. Today he summed hisself up in a sentence: My life is just turning weird, it’s like I’m replacing food with Twilight [movie] andContinue reading “Richie”

Just dawned on me

I never did a foundation for my art course, and went straight to uni from 6th form (not even college), I’ve worked as a workshop artist in New Hampshire in USA in the summer of my first year, and the summer of my second year I worked in NYC in an amazing well known galleryContinue reading “Just dawned on me”

The politics to group runnings

Now this ain’t gonna be no academic piece of writing, or any kind of article. It’s just me moaning/celebrating and documenting a fleeting moment. I just bought Collectivism After Modernism (got it imported from US as it’s now out of print in UK – typical)  edited by B. Stimson and G. Sholette. It’s one ofContinue reading “The politics to group runnings”

No rest for the wicked

So I’ve just had my assessment for studio practice; and it was all good.  I was expecting the worst – I think if I try and really brush up on my editing skills and how I engage in dialogue and discussion I could be a better student. As it is… i’m still a pretty awesomeContinue reading “No rest for the wicked”