Recognized by The British Council

seriously. Ha! i was googling myself. you know? how you do? and the usual suspect pages were coming up. and then all of a sudden i was like what’s this pdf with my name on!? wait a second… it’s on the british council website… it’s a PDF.  a bunch of professors and doctors and famousContinue reading “Recognized by The British Council”

smizz in nyc – again, again, again

i’ve been tryna post this post for a while – since i got here – which is a week today! I’ll be heading home in 2 days, but i just had to share with y’all my amazing NYC experience!! The class exhibition info i’ll blog when I get home in the UK but for now:Continue reading “smizz in nyc – again, again, again”


for immediate release: December 11th – 23rd  2009 DON’T FLEE THE ART MARKET! organized by Paulina Bebecka opening reception: Friday, December 11th, 2009   6 – 10pm  with DJ Ivan Sunshine   mo. info here “Don’t Flee the Art Market” Postmasters Gallery is transforming into an art market to cater to your love for the arts and your giftContinue reading “DONT FLEE THE ART MARKET, GROUP SHOW – NYC (with me in!)”