Smizz’s verdict: Street Art at the Tate is not so Street.

What does it mean for the Tate to endorse Street Art and the Street for art?               Street Art has, for as long as it has existed, been frowned upon by institutions, the critics disdain it’s integrity and art professors grit their teeth at the students who go to art school and practice streetContinue reading “Smizz’s verdict: Street Art at the Tate is not so Street.”

Keith Sonnier: Smizz’s Review

Keith Sonnier At Mary Boone These days I struggle with the spectatorship of sculpture because the more historical and theoretical context I learn, the more difficult I find looking at something with so much physicality and historical background.  It strikes the questions of whether it is indeed the way of looking, or the actual objectContinue reading “Keith Sonnier: Smizz’s Review”