Smizz can get into the film business yet!

I’m doing a bunch of stuff for Sheff DocFest – the best international documentary film festival in the whole of europe – fact. – if not THE BEST in the world.  infact it is probably the best thing that happens in sheffield, that actually puts poor old sheffield on the map. There’s going to beContinue reading “Smizz can get into the film business yet!”

Sleep’s for the faint-hearted

so i threw up a new website first page for OBJEKT publication that a group of us started in january. we’re slowly getting there! it will be worth it, promise.

65 modern day (or rather postmodern?) Proverbs

Nikki Farquharson updated some old proverbs into a postmodern flux of westernized culture. check her website for more and funnier proverbs. i can see some of these helping me think of some more witty things for my ‘art comics’.

FALSE MAGAZINE: Limited Edition

FALSE have released their inaugural print art-zine FALSE Magazine Issue 001 entitled “X-Ray”. Having been in the works for almost 2 years they now present us with a limited 100 pcs individually hand-made, hand-bound, hand-numbered and hand-signed edition. The publication contains original art works, thought pieces and self written literature in line with their fashion releasesContinue reading “FALSE MAGAZINE: Limited Edition”

New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…

I need to get on one of those lists where publishers and magazines send you books and dvds for free, and exhibition tickets so you can check them out and then maybe perhaps review them. Does anyone know how to do that?? Anyways more important things: SE might stand for “Special Edition”, and this definitelyContinue reading “New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…”

For those who don’t go to Liverpool

So here is my work in this amazing publication commissioned by OpenEye Gallery. It got chosen which was amazing. And here’s a taster of my artwork existing outside of what Ive already done with it.   This is me like WHAT I CANT BELIEVE IT?

Werkplaats Typografie: Starting from Zero

I caught online the opening of Starting from Zero an exhibition celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Werkplaats Typografie. The show features an extensive collection of printed matter, primarily posters and books, from past participants of the program. Curated by Na Kim and Karl Nawrot. On view through November 30th. October 30–November 30, 2008 Zero-One DesignContinue reading “Werkplaats Typografie: Starting from Zero”