65 modern day (or rather postmodern?) Proverbs

Nikki Farquharson updated some old proverbs into a postmodern flux of westernized culture. check her website for more and funnier proverbs. i can see some of these helping me think of some more witty things for my ‘art comics’.

New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…

I need to get on one of those lists where publishers and magazines send you books and dvds for free, and exhibition tickets so you can check them out and then maybe perhaps review them. Does anyone know how to do that?? Anyways more important things: SE might stand for “Special Edition”, and this definitelyContinue reading “New York Times Parody + what smizz needs…”

For those who don’t go to Liverpool

So here is my work in this amazing publication commissioned by OpenEye Gallery. It got chosen which was amazing. And here’s a taster of my artwork existing outside of what Ive already done with it.   This is me like WHAT I CANT BELIEVE IT?