History in the Making

FINIALLY. An image/sign that change is in the air. I feel privledged to have seen the first black candidate for President. I hope that I will have the further privledge of our first black president. Now that would be awesome. Of course, what would be better than a black president.. would be a black workingContinue reading “History in the Making”

“The Working class have less IQ”

ApparentlY. Anyone who knows me, will know that this article completely makes me so angry – it is unbelievable. http://news.scotsman.com/education/Working-classes-are-less-.4108730.jp Clearily, Bruce Charlton, an evolutionary psychiatrist at Newcastle University, IS A COMPLETE TWAT. I bet he has a lower than average IQ of the nation. This type of essay / report is exactly the reasonContinue reading ““The Working class have less IQ””

Is Street Art Dead?

Adbusters magazine says it is! Sometime in the autumn of 2006, an anonymous figure began a campaign in the pre-dawn streets of New York. Armed with paint cans and propaganda, he set out to cast a blight upon once sacred images. With furious, brightly colored bursts, wall after wall of celebrated street art was systematicallyContinue reading “Is Street Art Dead?”