(In)Visibility and Art [& suffering]

Today, after 9-10 days of a horrific infection, I found myself feeling human enough to do some actual work. We’re organizing a conference about art and visibility, my PhD friends and I. More info coming soon! So I started writing the stuff we need to move forward today. But what it made me think aboutContinue reading “(In)Visibility and Art [& suffering]”

The world isn’t yet done.

Being freelance and working from home, I slowly turned into a sucker for cooking shows like Masterchef, The Great British Bake-Off, The Taste, Come-Dine-With me, and almost anything on the Food Network. No cooking show was too long or too low-brow and underproduced for me.  I thought it was probably an age thing – IContinue reading “The world isn’t yet done.”

What should you be spending more time on?

I’m self-employed, and a full-time clinical based health-care student – and professional poorly person.  So I can’t stop thinking about work. When you’re by yourself, it’s easy to overwork yourself. I’ve realized recently that my family (my mom & my bro) is full of people who work very hard. They all work extremely hard andContinue reading “What should you be spending more time on?”

people are amazing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of drawing another cool thing for 1 small part of the NHS. The NHS Commissioning Board, the bit where Citizens who work within NHS stuff, or the voluntary sector, and innovators get together and share their ideas on how to make the NHS the best it can be, and howContinue reading “people are amazing”

Advise to myself, to-do-list, reminders for life generally.

remember everything is connected.   start anywhere.   learn to fail, or fail to learn.   master yourself.    create your own systems.    good questions are very important.    strike a balance between thinking and doing.    mind and body are not separate.     exercise.    walk when you can.     books and travel are moreContinue reading “Advise to myself, to-do-list, reminders for life generally.”

The Democratisation of the Art-World. Questions….

So, as you know, I’m one of ten awesome artists on Sites residency program this year. It’s pushing the investigation of participatory artwork. This post is not on what I’m doing, but more questioning what we’re doing in art in general. And I don’t mean we as in the 10 artists, but every single artistContinue reading “The Democratisation of the Art-World. Questions….”

Looks like Documenta 13’s website hacked

I like Documenta. I especially it’s publications from each exhibition. But I sort of love the unexpectedness of the find. I haven’t figured out if the Documenta home site has also been hacked, “CENTER FOR DEALING WITH THE PAST” it’s perfectly plausible. I hope it’s that subtle line between satirical and subversive. Finding this hasContinue reading “Looks like Documenta 13’s website hacked”

The Network of Power: Adventures in Capitalism (work/part. 1)

Hello. So I guess my new work is sort of a comic, but I don’t mind it being classed as a comic because… well, comic-artists are some of the coolest people I know. And they speak to a way bigger audience than you know – showy, polished gallery only artists. (Nothing wrong with gallery onlyContinue reading “The Network of Power: Adventures in Capitalism (work/part. 1)”

i love this idea: life-drawing at #occupywallstreet

by/from amazing artist david horvitz’s blog October 28, 2011 1:38 PM I am hosting a Life Drawing class This Sunday inside the Wall Street Occupation. We will do sketches of the police officers who are stand on the periphery of the occupation. Note: this is not intended to antagonize the police! We are just returning anContinue reading “i love this idea: life-drawing at #occupywallstreet”