Slam Jam Sheffield

Last night went awesome! Again! I can’t believe how it spread by word of mouth so well. just goes to show, it is the WORD ON THE STREET. We had some amazing poets perform. and that’s all i’m going to say – other than after hosting for 2 hours and half – and preparing theContinue reading “Slam Jam Sheffield”

Poetry Night part 2

Yeahhh that’s right, poetry night is back in the sheffield town! It’s SLAM JAM time again! This time its on the 17th Feb. 2009, 7:30pm onwards suggested donation £2! (to maintain CAKE artspace and to go towards Contemporary Arts as Dialogue arts event) Open Mic, special performances, music and DRINKS GOOOOOOOOOOD TIMES! WHERE? CAKE ARTSPACE,Continue reading “Poetry Night part 2”

Smizz performing at:

For all those who digg my night SLAM JAM at CAKE ARTSPACE, Sheffield. And for all those that have heard how Legend……..(wait for it )………ary, LEGENDARY it is – then you should totally check out the open mic night at the LESCAR in Sheffield, UK on Tuesday 27th Jan.  7:30pm onwards. I was asked toContinue reading “Smizz performing at:”

a life of a smizz

So recently, I have been MAD BUSY. I’ve been to London LIKE 4 TIMES in a month, Berlin, partied for Obama, been ill like 4 times (and I’m still poorly!) I slept for 14 hours straight yesterday. Can you believe that? i can’t! Ive had exhibitions, after exhibitions. So here is a quick taster ofContinue reading “a life of a smizz”

slam jam sheffield uk poetry night

Cake artspace is above Lounge Bar =  270 Glossop Road / west street, Sheffield, S10 2HS. 2nd december 2008, 7:30pm onwards open mic, music n drinks FREE, suggested donation

Slam Poetry in Sheffield

Now if you’re from Sheffo, chances are you’re reading this and goin’ “SLAM POETRY, WORD?????” in sheffield?!? Oh Yeahhh! Smizz ain’t on something. I’m helping some people who have this dope space up on the upper west-side of the town city centre (on west street near sheffield UNi). Their space is officially an artspace, butContinue reading “Slam Poetry in Sheffield”

Comment -ary

My friend and I have joked for a long time now that the comments on youtube videos are way entertaining than the videos themselves. The website takes this concept one step further. “Decontextualized video comments become modern pieces of poetry.” I don’t know about poetry but some of them are pretty funny and oftenContinue reading “Comment -ary”

Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Back in NYC when I was working in Chelsea… and living in BROOOOOKLYN, I frequented a spot called the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. NPC was founded in 1973 and began in a living room in the East Village apartment of writer and poet, Miguel Algarin. By 1975 it became clear that there were too many poetsContinue reading “Nuyorican Poets Cafe.”