I need to blog more

i’m not quite sure why my blogging has somewhat eased off over the recent weeks. Perhaps i have been busier than one thinks. Or perhaps I genuinely have really nothing to blog about and the temptation to write about myself – moaning – hasn’t got the better of me …. for a change! I can’tContinue reading “I need to blog more”

Your golden opportunity is coming soon

Urgh, I have been trying to research how to apply for 3 different US Non-immagrint visas today – the quickest and the cheapest way. I have a sneaking suspesion that my non-profit arts organisation who have kindly allowed me to work with them wont have the DS – whatever (2019?) form for the J1 VisaContinue reading “Your golden opportunity is coming soon”


and working hard  or hardly working? It’s that time of the month and I’m in a horrendous mood! It’s abit of a mixture between recovering from being sick, and crazy hormones. Like roll on Wednesday! HA.  I feel tired and grumpy – and all I wanna do is chill. But I can’t.  I need toContinue reading “working”

where to catch smizz?

These days I am here there and everywhere. Currently I am working on some work for a group exhibition at SF Cameraworks Gallery, San Francisco USA- and helping friends with the Degree show and should be doing Michael Corris’s website soon.  I say soon…. I’m not quite sure what that means anymore. Anyways. Here isContinue reading “where to catch smizz?”

Google Maps Typography.

 Google Maps Typography. Looks like Eric Tabuchi has some competition in the found letters department!

today I got stopped by the fuzzt

I got stopped by the fuzz for drawing on the wall with chalk. they were like… well just don’t do it with anything else other than chalk, love. it’s the same method as hop-scotch, do the fuzz interrupt kids playing that? as you can see these are really small versions, compact -(so they look abitContinue reading “today I got stopped by the fuzzt”