3,500 miles, 14 states, 2 provinces, lessons learnt: We are not built to do big things alone, we are built to do them together

Today’s been my last full day in NYC, and in America. And I’m a bit sad about it.


This nearly month trip has been a blast and an inspiration. It’s been a frank reminder that our time is too valuable to let a moment go to waste. We need steal as much life as we can out of each day. And I certainly feel like we have done this every single day for 28 days.


This is mainly due to my ride-or-die-hommie – Colleen – the driver, who drove over 3,5000 miles around north America (Thanks so much Colleen!). Think driving miss daisy meets velema and louise. we visited 14 USA states and 2 provinces in Canada! I visited 6 whole new places/cities – making my knowledge of certain states that I had already ticked off before – even better! With Pittsburg being one of my favourite new cities to have visited. Must be that steel connection. I love understated, post industrial, arty cities *cough*-sheffield-*cough*


We drove through the most glorious sunsets, that hung around for an hour in all their pinky, orange and purple gloriness. In the end it was like we were actually chasing the sunsets. The more south and west we went, the longer they hung around, felt like you could touch them and looked like paintings in photos.


We hardly arrived anywhere on time between each destination, (thanks google maps when we were planning for the lies!) but it just goes to show that it’s the journey that matters, and it was never about the destination anyways (especially given that our destination would be back where we had started). In the wrong turns and google suggested adventures, we discovered uncharted areas, and ghost towns of rich-pasts, farm lands, mountains, kangaroo, gems, moon-views, world wonders, the brightest stars and the clearest skies! endless waffle houses and many a gas-station toilet.


We saw dinosaurs, ate at 120 year old functioning ice-cream parlours, farms of various sizes including the massive production of milk for the North of the USA. We chased waterfalls, and slept in places that felt like we could be in a horror movie — or places that only a protagonist would be staying in to run away from something in their past. (this was emily’s house BTW – deep in a rainforest in Georgia — she said we wouldn’t find it – and boy-was she right!)


We got some incredible emily warning ceramics, and colleen booked an AirBnB that looked like it was decorated in 1920’s (& i swear down it could have been haunted, i had to sleep with the light on- C still thinks i’m being dramatic about it- but those who saw my insta-story will know the truth).

IMG_9435 2


I learnt that Colleen sleep walks and talks (don’t worry, she mostly did this in motels/hotels). We nearly picked up a hitchhiker (he invited himself along and we had to politely decline saying the car was too full of pottery for him to have a seat & we were heading to dinasour world next) He quickly disappeared once he thought that *we* were the weirdos. And I also learnt that Colleen is very opinionated about things including road-side eateries. I want her to start a podcast or youtube channel where people just give her a subject and she’ll rift about how scandal-less or waste of time/money it is, or how amazing it is.


I learn about a dude called Mr Rodgers and how to be kind to ourselves and others through his teachings (& colleen’s pure love for him). and all things from Pittsburgh.


My french is still LA-TERRIBLE, c’est very bad. (the only time i sound proper yorkshire is when i speak another language). I was constipated for 3/4 of the whole time here (HA). And i ripped my stitches out of my mouth by accident eating SI Broccli! HA!


Time Zones confused us often. Did you know Tennessee & Kentucky & Chicago is central zone but parts of Indiana and Ohio is not?! very confusing. Tax across the USA is wild. Chicago was the most expensive. We’ve tried lots of foods, from 10am ice-cream in Columbus, Ohio, to mexican breakfasts in Chicago, to Wah Wah gas station food, the biggest slices of pizza in philly (& the worst greek salad haha), to sweet potato pancakes in the south, chicken & waffles, pirogies of all types, hot dogs, my fav tacos and “water and leaf” soups, oatmeal shakes, piles and piles of freshly prepared dumplings, my fav Chinese- PHU-GEES in NH and beyond. I keep ordering far too much food and don’t learn.


My Sandy Island adventures got me chasing sunrises, i drank too much and kept Lea up chatting absolute bollocks. It made me fully miss sandy summers. I got to see my crew from over the years including Dave B, and Kate, and Julia. Vanda and I reminisced about our Sydney adventures. and Dani and the crew and I went Northern Lights hunting! It feels so weird and good to have a base there. A place that feels like a home. Like a good Smizz Horcrux. I feel like bits of my soul is in NYC and sandy Island. Who knew New Hampshire would ever be a smizz place?


I’ve spent a good month being glad for life, surrounded by people who I love, doing what I love, & meeting more new super awesome people. I’ve been shown many true and generous acts of kindness this year – here in the USA and back at home. And I’m completely humbled and for ever grateful for these. Thanks just doesn’t seem to come even close to how i want to say Thank you! to EVERYONE!

IMG_8290 2

one morning this summer before my trip here – with my mouth in stitches, and appointment sheets for the next abdominal surgery, I burst into tears over breakfast, convinced that this illness had drained me of my creative & living/Smizz abilities. Even in that dark moment, though, I knew that my co-workers & friends wouldn’t let me fail. And it isn’t just picking up the baton when I drop it; they’ve (you’ve) motivated and encouraged me through periods of lucidity to art/live the best I could. I’m so damn lucky.


I feel that I have a little more understanding of what it means to fall over and feel that you have to get up, no matter what you have to leave behind in the process. This is an easy realization to come to because I’m pretty lucky that I have you -all- the amazing people in my life, who have supported me & helped me to live. Whatever i’ve lost, you make it feel like i’m nearly whole. All I have is that you should appreciate what you’ve got.


I tend to do these trips when I’m sort of running away from what’s been happening to me. It hurts. But I’ve thought long & hard about what I want out of life. And i want to be here for at least another 5 years.

Today I got to see Alex 1 last time, and the way he talks about leadership & connecting always inspires me and i feel it in the pitt of my stomach. (i can’t wait for his future book). As he says, doctors check for pulses but he checks his people. And that’s what i love about him, and something i’m trying to aim for too. My USA trips are always inspiring me to be better, to commit to my work, to give back to my community. I have some time, and if I use it well. It will be more than enough.


through all this stuff, I feel like I’ve grown up a second time. I’m broken; But I am alive. I’m coming home to  fix some more gnarly health stuff, but i’m re-charged to finish my PHD, start my new work contracts using arts based research methods in public health and doing research into social detriments and getting rid of these health inequalities as much as we can through ensuring access is made for the people who need these services. and restructing injustice things within policy and beyond. I’m looking forward to really starting to lay the bones down for “REAL “- a business adventure with Helen doing social-justice through creative practice. and lots of stuff in between.


i’m constantly looking forward to sunsets and bike rides and tacos and getting dirt on my boots and feeling grass between my toes and feeling the calm breeze sweep my face as i drive with the windows down. these are the small, forgettable pieces of life that i think contain all the magic, all the billion little tiny disco ball reflections and retractions of the love and light in this world.


This life is teaching me that there are golden moments, and the darkness cannot touch them. I’m learning the art of discovering those moments, the ones hiding in hard moments and challenging days. but man.. is it worth it.

Wish me luck! and see y’all later!

Launching A Radiotherapy Story


About a year ago, I saw a really cool website from Canada about the Faces of Healthcare.

And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have something like this for radiotherapy, and the surrounding services (which is essentially pretty much EVERYTHING in the NHS). Oncology is very much one of the most inter-disciplinary areas within healthcare, ever. From dietitians, counsellors, all different types of doctors, dementia care, mental health, social workers, GPs, ambulance drivers, nurses, students, volunteers, etc — it’s endless! Trying to seamlessly work together to provide the best patient care and experience.

It is for this exact reason why I believe we should celebrate our profession and our patients and their carers and loved ones, and for every single person who is involved within the NHS. Because without them, we’d be a bit lost.

The receptionists who make sure patients get to see the people they need to see. The porters who take the patients to Boots and reading every single sandwich ingredients to the patient. To the volunteers who run Bridge Clinic, and provide unlimited biscuits. To the student who helps someone on and off the toilet… it’s literally endless.

So many people don’t know about radiotherapy. So many patients find the process quite anxiety enhancing due to the lack of personable, friendly, understandable and in-date information online coming up to their treatment.

And as I’ve gone through my training I’ve seen some truly compassionate stuff and heard some amazing stories – of all types. The stories from patients that have stuck with staff, the stories that made staff go into the profession and stay when things have been or become tough.

Patients have been some of my best teachers throughout my training, but some of those lessons have been hard.

And I’d love to share these stories with you. Because everyone’s story deserves to be heard. And i hope through reconstructing these narratives together, we can empower our experiences.

A Radiotherapy Story is photo-documentary on kindness and trauma, on team-working, on suffering and on truly living. On being part of something bigger than yourself.

We want to share with you the stories of these people, of the NHS, to celebrate the pinnacle of humanity and kindness. Of life and death.  I hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve made.

http://www.radiotherapystory.com will be launched in 2 weeks time.

And if you’ve got a story in healthcare that you’d love to share, let us know! Contact: smizz at smizz@sarahsmizz.com or @smizz on twitter.

The project is run by me and Harri Slater.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 13.39.57.png



Stuff I’ve been up to.

Recently my blog has been more of a memoir of life lessons, and my new found perspective via an unfortunate and debilitating health thing going on with me that I can’t seem to shake. Which means i’ve barely posted what I’ve been working on. So here’s  a bunch of stuff I’ve been up to:

House parties, many hospital visits – so many needles, needles, needles & pipes up my nose until they hit my throat & contrast dyes that make me sick. BOOK-LAUNCH with ABi Goodman & I’s awesome RE-Place project in, a workshop working with the community of Parsons X making cool-ass badges! Live drawing the International Healthcare Expo for NHS commissioning board – it was such a  good 2 days full of meeting amazing people! Fairground nights! Being surrounded by great friends! Working at a london school creating a huge mural with the kids based on their Science Week , which doubles up as an animation and interactive board with the iPad! Practicing my typography skills.

Stuff I’m working on right now: CAKE newsletter; BA Hons Creative Art Practice degree show website; awards for DocFest again! YAY; MA Fine Art website; bike riding; movie days coming up; TEDXSheffield collaboration; Live drawing the opening event of a new research institute at Sheffield Uni in May; sorting out my work visa for USA again; getting myself back to 100% health – somehow -someway! And some more.

Trying to be better, work harder, not waste time.

531707_10151555713836508_398743423_n Z9-y9tlJWXhuj-9sqhoq5W6eq-Ky9DGuKG25WgLulmk%2Cu3WOOl1FfvPNXtJXeP0fINXW5h_tnvBF8XJir6EvpcE DSCN4185 DSCN4094 oIrWkbhkccWlYNq8s4bzuKAjyVXwOLOgb0HTK-M7FF4%2CnxE4fk3FSO8tdd4Of8VOz-txy3zIhXPBPpDksEpFv7A%2ClTg0uj3eZKMQS9KByzZ8QnM991gP2jaKRulCVaCLDt4%2Cm-A701BQKEsVTnxsdH6JlC2OuI3IvCevNfHCRuIzGCI%2CiMv3Dqa741JNeRhqzDX_c8vphmX_s1FVQF7qLfCZsZ8%2CFngmmpV1UrdgNgv2Mga 6590_10151552232721508_565153938_n 31903_10151514535726508_1560554945_n 486404_10151552010216508_545018663_n 733745_10151513638786508_1395820151_n 599120_10151513576656508_789547862_n 581699_10151514569986508_1910489915_n 734306_10151536025346508_739523911_n 1890_10151532484126508_1696835189_n 393702_10151545717756508_1482981297_n 562756_10151552232621508_595458514_n 576996_10151552232741508_131109829_n

RoadTrip USA inspiration blog

You know tumblr’s are all the range right. It’s because they make other peoples images look awesome. As a lil something, something to inspire me – keep me focused for the summer – take my mind off my weird health issues, I’m putting a kick ass tumblr together of great images of America & roadtrips – Until I can pop my own up during/after the roadtrip. Keep it locked here! http://roadtripsmizz.tumblr.com/

Other Tumblr’s of mine: http://streetarchitect.tumblr.com & the old journal of my Chicago days: http://chitownsmizz.tumblr.com/

New York, New York – touristy tips

I’ve worked in NYC, had several shows in NYC, and been such a tourist – and everytime I go – I ALWAYS find something new and amazing that i missed the 1st time around. Friends here in the UK always ask me for some advise. So here’s some for anyone going to NYC on vacation, for summer camp, for a semester abroad, or interning. It’s not a comprehensive guide but it’s good if like me – you’ll be on a budget! I hope you find some parts of this helpful! 🙂


Get a guide book with good maps: Lonely planet is pretty decent, or even a AA one. ‘Not for Tourists’ guide books are ok but rather dull for touristying and pictures, but excellent for in depth, detailed maps of every area. If it’s your first time, you just want a book with a clear map for every main part of Manhattan.

Then sit at the laptop and google all of these addresses and places that you like the sound of here in this guide, and mark them on your book. Put a circle in the place where google maps tells you it’s at and then you can like number them, or whatever. use your guide book like a notebook!

** Also, as with any travel prep. you should photocopy your passport before you leave for NYC. just incase.**

 Getting into the city

Catch the express bus service from JFK or Newark (info here: http://www.coachusa.com/olympia/ss.newarkairport.asp ) it’s $15, get 1 way. the bus service usually do 2 stops : grand central station (EAST) or port authority (WEST). sTRICTLY SPEAKING both locations are central but in my mind port-authority (W 45th st on 8th ave) is more central because it’s alot easier to get to the majority of subway lines – where as – when you head more east on the central, upper side – the subways become less available.

(There’s the air-train but its not as relaxing as the bus – but the air-train you have to make 2 changes (1 train takes you 2 another train) and it takes you to penn station 34th st)


several days in the city will be costly if you decide to catch cabs everywhere!

The best way is to WALK in order 2 see all the surprise stores you had no idea existed, the art gallery youve never heard of, or to just appreciate the architecture. But never under estimate the power of the subway. ESP. when your feet hurt from too much walking! the subway is amazing as it runs 24/7.

the unlimited subway card for a week: $29 (£15ish) – good for all subways, at any time, and buses, in the whole of NYC. (it was cheaper but prices have gone up) and it is relatively safe 2 catch the subway at like 3am! regardless of what you might have heard. i remember i got totally tipsey, bordering on drunk, i caught the subway from bushwick, brooklyn ( a tiny bit of a seedy neighbourhood) to williamsburg, bklyn – at 3am – and it was absolutely fine. last time my friend and i went from san diego – to newark- caught the bus into the nyc – and it was midnight – and we stayed up all night in the city and bars in manhattan and brooklyn. and we were fine then. nyc is really safe!!

The unlimited card will be good for your first few days in the city because you probably will make mistakes and get on a train going up town instead of downtown, or get on a train that is express at rush hour so you end up 3 stops away from your destination. but it’s good to get lost !


NY has some of the most amazing bookstores. I spend ALOT of my time in them because of the vibe and so much cool stuff!

http://www.spoonbillbooks.com/ specializes in Used, Rare, and New books on Contemporary Art, Architecture, and various Design fields, with an emphasis on Imported or hard-to-find — but we also hand pick thousands of good books every month for our voracious clientele.

218 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

(i lived 4 blocks away from this place- its open until 10 at night – and its in a super cool area- EXPLORE THIS AREA – there’s a few design stores and this really really cool beer store, an internet cafe, and a cool record store on the corner of the building its all in) Williamsburg is where all the hipster and ASOS fashion is coming from atm. but more info later


fiercely independent family business – 18 million books! ALL DISCOUNTED. from rare, out of print, hardback, brand new, best sellers, signed ect.

828 Broadway

New York, NY 10003-4805 (which is just off union square – across from this AMAZING CHOCOLATE STPORE WITH THE BEST most expensive HOT CHOCOLATE)


Printed Matter, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1976 by artists and art workers – specializing in artist books

195 10th Avenue

New York, NY 10011, United States (near all the commercial galleries in chelsea)


is a modern general store for a well-lived life, combining the charm of a country general store with the sophistication of a modern city lifestyle

365 State Street, Brooklyn


Art House creates massive, international art projects that tie thousands of artists together

103A N 3rd St

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211


aspire to be the center of Manhattan’s literary culture

52 Prince Street

(between Lafayette & Mulberry

New York City, NY 10012

Barnes & Noble (located acrosss the city – best one on Union Square)

GOOD FOR MAGAZINES, LOTS OF BOOKS AND RESTROOMS!! (trust me you will need 2 use a barnes n noble for the bathroom at some point)!


MoMA – FREE night on FRIDAYS – starts at 4:00pm – be there early or later (6ish) to avoid queues (i’d advise to be early because this ticket makes it see so you can see the movie which is showing at the MoMA movie theatre for FREE (usually $9 on it’s own) see a TIMEOUT NYC for more details on what’s on) keep the ticket because from the date on it – gives you 30 days to go to the PS1 Contemporary Art center in Queens for FREE. (free night saves you $21 admission charge for the MoMA –  daylight robbery)

Guggenhiem – 5:30 (exactly) on THURSDAYS is PAY WHAT YOU WISH instead of $20 or $15 student


NEW MUSEUM – THURSDAY 7PM-9PM FREE NIGHT (save about $7 – 10 )

PS1 CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER – QUEENS – SUGGESTED DONATION (they ask for $7) but free with MoMA ticket


THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (refered to as The Met by cool new yorkers) – SUGGESTED DONATION (suggested $24!) (this place is freaking huge – expect to spend at least 3-4 hours in here)

DIA CENTER FOR ARTS – SUGGESTED DONATION (not in the city, but in BEACON) ($10)

TIME OUT NY is your bible for everything – art, food, music events, book signings, political happenings, tv show audience, musicals. Also Read The Brooklyn Rail to find out what’s on; also, The New York Times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday has art reviews. But the word on the street is key.


after all that culture, food is a must. i’m sorry that i can’t offer you better advise on the food front. i forget the addresses or names of places i like – i just know where they are! like- i could take you to them ha!

 Here’s a website i like to check out when in town for places to eat: http://cheapassfood.com/

BEST STICKY CHICKEN WINGS – BBQ Dallas (also my fav meeting spot in the city cuz its open enough, next to a subway and easy get to) 23rd n 8th . drinks are HUGE

INDIAN FOOD – although i’ve never had a groundbreaking curry in the whole of america – curry ave – AKA Lexington Ave between 21st and 38th is where it’s at!

CUPCAKES – http://www.magnoliabakery.com/home.php ( as seen on sex and the city is a tourist fav ) but if you’re looking for a down-key – quick sugar hit to make you go into sugar shock then the cupcakes from Barnes & Noble cafe – foh serious.

Also Crumbs http://www.crumbs.com/ ;

Sweet Revenge: http://www.sweetrevengenyc.com/

and SPOT http://www.spotdessertbar.com/ …. if you can’t be arsed to find all these you can grab a good selection in Chelsea FOOD MARKET – which is very awesome.

THAI FOOD – now you know how i feel about THAI ICED TEA, you NEED to get one of them and think of me! The americans (or rather the 2nd generation of thai americans) know how to cook amazing thai food. this will shit all over what youve ever had (unless youve been to thailand , i suppose?)

So here are a few: http://www.sripraphairestaurant.com/ (this is in QUEENS) which makes it SUPER CHEAP and authentic!

Pongsri – in China town is pretty awesome, there’s a place on 19th street between 8th and 6th (i can’t remember where but it’s gota good lunch deal menu during the week! – thai–ice tea not so good though)

There’s a cheap burger place called: BRGR on 7th near 29th st.

Good, cheap sushi on Greenwich Street (off 6th ave), north side of street. Or my favorite: Monster Sushi, on 23rd street, between 5th and 6th aves.

good farmers market at Union Square, Fri, Sat. Good noodles place off the square, east side. Revolution Noodles, I think it is.

Obvs. Go to China town for cheap-ass chinese food; Greenpoint BKLN for Polish; Queens for mexican and real spanish style food.

Harlem for soul food!! you must go to: http://www.sylviassoulfood.com/!

WHOLEFOODS – for bits and bobs – revolutionary supermarket shopping, i tell ya! it laughs at waitrose. Anyways, avoid wholefoods on union square cuz it’s ALWAYS packed. You can try wholefoods at columbous circle best place is prob 95 East Houston Street

Dylans Candy Bar, near bloomingdales: 

There are many pizza joints where you can get a slice of pizza for $1!!! (instead of average $2.60) mostly in Brooklyn, a few close to brooklyn bridge, but The 99¢ pizza place near the Port Authority Bus Terminal is a main attraction these days.

There are good bars and restaurants on the Lower East Side, on Ludlow Street, Alphabet City

BEST CUP OF TEA IN THE CITY: ARGOTEA (based in Chicago it’s opened it’s business for new yorkers alike!) it does the craziest of stuff with tea. my fav seasonal classic is frostea! (white tea, white choclate & mint) http://www.argotea.com/


MY BIGGEST SECRET! – ASSSSSCAT3000 on a sunday night at http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/ (07 W. 26th Street New York, NY 10001) just off 9th ave (in chelsea) is FREEEEE and AMAZING!!! it’s improv comedy by the folks ar Saturday Night live, 30 rock, other comedian guests – can i stress that this is the coooolest thing  ever?!

Anyways it starts about 9pm. but here’s teh catch – cuz it’s free you gotta get there early to queue for free tickets! I mean like early, like 6pm – hang around. they don’t really give you tickets until 7:30-8:00ish. when they do, you get about an hour 2 eat (this is where BRGR place comes in handy or many cool bakeries around the area) and you have to line back up with your number. It’s nOT to be missed!!!

BEST SLAM POETRY IN THE CITY – Friday night : 10pm ($10) get about 20 mins early to line up for good seats. goes on until 2am. you can leave when you want. http://www.nuyorican.org/history.php puts slamjam 2 shame!

SEE A MUSICAL – catch me if you can is the new broadway hit; jersey boys is the most popular thats still happening. you’ve probably already seen wicked? Anyways, don’t diss Off Broadway shows- off broadway shows often become the next big thing on Broadway and OFF-OFF BROADWAY can be way more interesting than the other shows- and of course. CHEAPER

SEE AN OPERA AT THE MET: $25 for cheap tickets – (nosebleed) http://www.metoperafamily.org/metopera/

BOAT RIDE in central park, RENT A BIKE in central park. take a class in central park:

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg bridge

See a concert, see the sun set over the skyline

see a baseball game!

drink in a hotel bar with an amazing high view

GO TO CONEY ISLAND and ride on the rollercoaster & eat a hotdog!

Go up the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING 1 hour before sunset, so when you get up there you see it in the light, watch the sunset, and see the city at night – all the best sights for your 1 admission price of $24 (best way 2 get your money worth!)

Go to 24 hour cafe at a stupid o’clock. it’s amazing to people watch! and you cant go to nyc without going to a 24 hr cafe now?

In MACYS take your passport, international vistors get a card that gives you 13% discount on anything in any Macy’s store US wide for 30 days.

In Bloomingdales, if you spend over $100 – you also get a free gift!


so you wanna travel?

Megabus.com starts at $1 tickets to Boston, Philly, DC amoungst other amazing cities on the east coast.  The boltbus.com does the same but less locations and better free wifi on the bus.  There’s the fungwang bus that goes from NY Chinatown to Boston Chinatown for $20 on the day, no pre-booking needed!  On the eastcoast you don’t need to use the greyhound as it is overpriced and old compared to these cheap-budget services that offer free wifi (trust-makes your journey 10 x better) and more dinner stops on the way!

Priceline.com offers relatively cheap round trip flights than anywhere else online for in-america domestic flights with the option to name your own price on hotels! Orbitiz.com is also quite good.

Amtrak is amazing on the west coast but a bit lame and more expensive on the east coast considering the competition from budget bus services. however, amtrak takes route through the amazing american landscapes that you don’t see in the i-whatever highway and if your under 26 or a student and have got the international card that you can get from STA travel for £5 to prove it, you get a great discount of 15% off ANY journey. I have taken the Amtrak from San Francisco to NYC stopping off for various amount of days in Las Vegas, LA and Chicago all for $150! (one way).


– do not take travelers cheques- what are you? like 75 years old? For the safe, non-touristy, cheaper way to live in NYC – exchange your money before you go onto a travel friendly card.  that’s what i did when i was living in chicago. they’re supplied by https://www.travelex.co.uk/uk/wallet/options.aspx but you collect them from ilkeston travel agents current exchange provider – or thomas cook. you often get a better exchange rate when you exchange money onto a card than in physicality. plus its all insured!

DO NOT buy purfume from canal street, unless you like your stuff bottled in 1994

DO NOT walk down the sidewalk in 3 + more people

NO fanny packs haha

DO NOT accept taxi rides from cabs that arent yellow

DO NOT NOT tip (remember in the US you have your meal Tax (10% in NY) added on top of the price on the menu + another 20% for tip – great knowledge when you’re short cuz someones not added  their bill up right!)

DO NOT forget your ID when going into bars or order alcohol (remember its 21 over there)

DO NOT make eye contact with crazies or homeless folks (theres alot of them)



Try new things!

Walk about



I’ve found a better way to keep all my crazy street drawings all together. On what the cool kids are using. TUMBLR (i have 4 now!)

keep it locked HERE and FOLLOW ME for some crazy drawings of NYC, London, Sheffield, Boston, your street! Where ever i go! Holla!  (http://streetarchitect.tumblr.com/)

(above, no i haven’t lost my mind, it’s a drawing my mom asked me to do so she could pretend that she’s done it at work for an attempt to win a bottle of wine… some things never fail to amaze me..)

urban farmers when i was in chicago

so, i formatted my camera. i’m wanting to take beautiful photo’s of my everyday life. the whole tsunami thing made me re-realize (for like the 1000th time) that i need to appericate everyday – esp. everyday i’m not working!

So before i got rid of some memories that have lost their quality  being uploaded on to facebook, here are some photo’s i just couldn’t delete with only a low res left over. Urban Farmers in the deep south side of chicago. A ghetto, a place where the old steal industry has said to have made things infertile for growth – these guys rent abandoned gardens and get kidz off the street to learn about organic gardening. they some how make the soil fertile again, through months of work, in time of planting.  They end up with loads and loads of crops which they then sell for cheap to poor low-income families. Amazing work guys.


This could become very important. It might not be the free Liverpool Art School University; but for Sheffield it has a super amount of potential. The big society indeed.

Find out more here:


Basic info on Sheffield Universal Education Collective:

The Sheffield Universal Education Collective is a recently formed body of rank and file union activists and workers in the higher education sector of Sheffield. Our aims are:

1) to provide a free and radical, and an open and democratic, education space in the city;

2) to offer sessions that both critically think about the world around us and explore means to changing the world around us;

3) to employ innovative and inclusive pedagogies.

We have been inspired by the recent waves of student protests and activism, and wish to link up with such students, and others, in a productive and creative educational exchange.

Our ambition is to include a wide layer of politically committed education practitioners in the city, from HE but also the school, further and adult education sectors.


CAKEeveryone’s 1st Newsletter: SlamJam; Art-Crit; ZineDay & FEASTinSHEFFIELD




HI! THIS IS CAKE! FINALLY. Formally known as CAKE ARTSPACE/SHEFFIELD/ART-GALLERY/WHATEVER YOU CALLED US. After many months of soul-searching, and slave-wage-labour, CAKE IS BACK. And nothing excites CAKE more than working WITH YOU to generate exhibitions/events/workshops/publications/your-vision-here.

Currently at CAKE, we are working really hard on putting on lots of events for EVERYONE! Here is the LOW-DOWN for the next few months…



It’s been a while since our last SLAMJAM. This time we are teaming up Bank Street Arts (directions on the website)in Sheffield.
This is YOUR moment to SHINE.

For those who aren’t familiar with the SLAMJAM format. EMAIL us (hit reply) for a place to do your SLAM/POETRY (any type)/PERFORMANCE/PRESENTATION/YOUR-THING or just turn up on the night, and be inspired by the AWESOMENESS of the nights performers & audience, as it is OPEN-MIC. Some selected highlights thus far: Spencer Hale (NYC); James Prescott (SHF); Matt McAteer (CHST); Along side many other funky people. Be sure to book your space!
And of course, like all good things, there will be MUSIC, FUN-TIMES, CHEAP-BOOZE and lots of networking and catch-ups! NOT TO BE MISSED. And like all great things in life, IT’S A FREE NIGHT!

Hosting TEMPORARY SERVICES awesome publication we plan to engage and seduce YOU with discussions, fun events, debates, problems and solutions, video-screenings, FEASTS OF FOOD, and just a chance to get stuff off your chest. You can read the publication here (pdf)!


HOST: 7 Garden Street. DATE: TBC
FEAST is designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging art makers. At each FEAST, participants pay a sliding-scale entrance fee for which they receive a supper and a ballot. Diners vote on a variety of artist projects and at the end of the night, the project with the most votes is awarded funds to produce the project. Since 2009, FEAST Brooklyn & SUNDAY SOUP Chicago has produced 15 dinners, funded 21 projects and raised $13,756.
Our guest artist: Phoebe Wild, alongside others, will teach you some fun new skills too!


We are hosting SHEFFIELD’S VERY OWN ZINE DAY. But it will probably nothing without you. We don’t just want the cool, already established folks (which there will be) but we also want to give everyone the chance to distribute their work who want to get outta S-town!  Do you have a zine?  Artist book(s)? Badges, books, bags, screen-printed tww-shirts??? – all DO-IT-YOURSELF?  Then WE NEED YOU. If underground, subcultural, or whatever else is YOU? or maybe a friend of yours – THEN WE NEED YOU/YOUR FRIEND. Sheffield is a great place of community, and D-I-Y because of it’s people motivation. So lets celebrate together – and SPREAD THE WORD.  come and zine with us! Workshop/discussions/ect proposals would also be a great way to contribute! To attend with your DIY products, or send to send us your works – Just email (hit reply).


And that’s just something to get you going! Please change any old websites and contact information. We are now:


Remember, CAKE – Ideas to live by.

Hasta la pasta, CAKE !



Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. TUESDAY 8TH MARCH 2011. FROM 5:30PM +  Everyone welcome!
Bring your art/ideas/exhibition flyers/reading materials/friends for engaging, fun chats! For more information contact: Sarah Smizz @smizz.fo.shizz@gmail.com