Tupac’s Reading List

Assata: An Autobiography Written by: Assata Shakur Ponder on This: A Compilation From the Writings of: Alice A Bailey & the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul The Phenomenon of Man Written by: Teilhard de Chardin Kabbalah Written by: Gersham Scholem Thoughts and Meditations Written by: Kahlil Gibran Telepathy Written by: Alice A Bailey The Autobiography ofContinue reading “Tupac’s Reading List”

have i changed?!

so i have achieved a tiny tiny tiny bit of what i would call success, and Richie says that I have changed a tiny bit. I’ve become more ‘arty’. I’m not as for the working class as I used to be. Now I’m not quite sure what he’s refering too. Can I not show inContinue reading “have i changed?!”

A Great Speech to learn from

copied and pasted from:  http://www.williams.edu/home/commencement/2008/serra.php Richard Serra If Not Now, When? <!–watch the video –> It means a great deal to me to receive an honorary doctorate from Williams College, because so many graduates from this institution have directly contributed to and supported my artistic life. I want to take a moment to mention aContinue reading “A Great Speech to learn from”

Smizz’s first London show 2moz (Monday 30th March)

Technically i’m curating my first London show (first of 3 this upcoming year) and I have chosen one of the best artists ever. Heath Bunting. If you’re about you should totally check it. here’s the promo details: the posters and stuff are PDF so i can’t upload them: =========================>> ONE NIGHT STAND | PROJECT BIENNALE:Continue reading “Smizz’s first London show 2moz (Monday 30th March)”

smizz’s future contribution 2 sundance film festival

working title:  The pea pickers I have been working on a few and many projects. One is trying to write a screenplay. And it’s damn hard! But when Rich and I were talking last night in reference to out “working class manifesto” I remembered a clear memory. My mom worked (and still does) every hourContinue reading “smizz’s future contribution 2 sundance film festival”

Got to love random messages on Facebook

today i got a random facebook message off somebody pretending to be Guy Debord. I actually kind of liked its randomness.  It makes a change from all those annoying application/group invites.  It was in french.. so maybe this is a slightly wrong translation – but you get the gist! The ideological one in power totalitarianContinue reading “Got to love random messages on Facebook”

Carte Blanche

A new project by Studio Blanco for Sportmax… Carte Blanche is the first Sportmax limited edition collection of 3 pieces designed by French art director Christophe Brunnquell. Release date is April 2 in Milan and Christophe will be in town preparing a special installation for it!

the locked room

today as part of the CAaD’s festival, 7 members (including myself) are going to be locked in a freezing cold gallery space from 12 midday 2day (sunday) to 12 midday 2moz (monday) without sleep, and bare miminum food and basic clothing. we are only allowed to bring 1 material and 1 object each. No technologyContinue reading “the locked room”