Tell your friends to tell THEIR friends! SLAM

          Ain’t nothing but a gangster party! – SLAM. PART 6. 1st February! 7:30PM bloc projects, Sheffield. FREE. – OPEN MIC Night of poetry, (ANY TYPE but we LOVE slam poetry n spoken word) And Performance! MUSIC, DRINKS, POETRY AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOD TIMES AHEAD! Invite your friends and invite their friends! REMEMBER:Continue reading “Tell your friends to tell THEIR friends! SLAM”

THE SLAM IS BACK! ‘NOW IS NOW’ 1st Feb – 7:30pm, Bloc Projects, Sheffield. FREE

  Do you remember SlamJam, followers? Do you even remember CAKE? After months of cruel neglect, or as we would call it re-branding, re-structuring, re-analyzing, I wouldn’t blame anyone who might turn tail in search of other, more dependable art-project-spaces, esp. in Sheffield. But this is what happens when you and your collective-team-mates, like jerks,Continue reading “THE SLAM IS BACK! ‘NOW IS NOW’ 1st Feb – 7:30pm, Bloc Projects, Sheffield. FREE”


SLAM JAM is back and at a brand new location; Bloc Studios! Its the same format as before, different location and cheaper drinks!!! Hosted once more by friend of CAKE, half-pint-sized ghetto superstar (critically acclaimed by the New York Times) Sarah Smizz. If you want to be on the line up get in touch atContinue reading “SLAM JAM: SLAM POETRY NIGHT SHEFFIELD”

the mixtape club

very talented friend Brian Thomas (who helped with the Art Direction for the first issue of Reed Pages Magazine) just recently started a new musical project—The Mixtape Club. It’s kinda like a book club. The magic number is 10. 10 mixtapes with 10 songs from 10 different people every 10 weeks. 6 of the 10 will beContinue reading “the mixtape club”


SLAM JAM – PART 3 – KOOL AID SHEFFIELD CAKE ARTSPACE  (Cake is located above Lounge Bar, West Street, Sheffield, UK) – OPEN MIC Night of poetry, (ANY TYPE but we LOVE slam poetry n spoken word) And Performance! TUESDAY 12TH MAY, 2009 —— 7:30 ONWARDS OPEN MIC, DJ, MUSIC, DRINKS, POETRY AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOD TIMESContinue reading “SLAM JAM, Part 3 – KOOL AID. SHEFFIELD CAKE ARTSPACE”

sounds good, no?

So I was discussing my concerns with a developing straw of my artwork today. It kinda, as you can see from the images froma  previous post, has the asethetics of Robin Rhode. Who I love and have been following for years – way before the artworld got ahold of him.  Even though my interaction andContinue reading “sounds good, no?”

finally something new from the smizz

yes something kinda new, just try upload a video onto youtube but uni internet is sloowwwwwww man maybe another day but hey here is a taster of smizzle

Slam Jam Sheffield

Last night went awesome! Again! I can’t believe how it spread by word of mouth so well. just goes to show, it is the WORD ON THE STREET. We had some amazing poets perform. and that’s all i’m going to say – other than after hosting for 2 hours and half – and preparing theContinue reading “Slam Jam Sheffield”

Poetry Night part 2

Yeahhh that’s right, poetry night is back in the sheffield town! It’s SLAM JAM time again! This time its on the 17th Feb. 2009, 7:30pm onwards suggested donation £2! (to maintain CAKE artspace and to go towards Contemporary Arts as Dialogue arts event) Open Mic, special performances, music and DRINKS GOOOOOOOOOOD TIMES! WHERE? CAKE ARTSPACE,Continue reading “Poetry Night part 2”