Fung Wah Bus

I got a few hommies in the Boston area, and I came across the best bus ever to get from New York City to Boston when I’m over there. Only $15 each way. now that’s cheap, fo shizzzz!!! I’m starting to get real nervous about gong to New York now. I just remembered howContinue reading “Fung Wah Bus”

Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie

I found this page: wHERE To get free wi-fi in Sheffield. For all of you Sheffielians out there, this is the page for you! Also I saw Sex and the City movie today. So yeahhh what I thought about the movie is: It was enjoyable, I’ll buy it on DVD but not as spectacularContinue reading “Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie”

Bank Holidays

I hate Bank Holidays. There’s nothing to do, except shop. And the stores are always bursting with people.  And shit TV. and that’s it. I mean, surely there should be more to Bank Holidays. Spring Bank is even worse. The Library and Uni is closed for Monday AND Tuesday. Luckily I got some DVDs out.Continue reading “Bank Holidays”

Flashing lights – Version 2 – Exclusive – Kanye West

I love being able to just surf the internet at my own lesuire. Today I had a haircut. It doesn’t look much different lol – but at least it has some shape bizack.   enjoy!   Kanye’s original video for “Flashing Lights” left many fans in the dark as to what the video really meantContinue reading “Flashing lights – Version 2 – Exclusive – Kanye West”

The Splasher…

The controversial Splasher. So yeah, the Splasherrrrr. It’s about a year old in news, but I still feel like it needs a good mention. Us in the UK only really heard of it through that Banksy blahhhh of being splashed. Boo-Hoo. People ripp my work down all the time. Its like that. So I foundContinue reading “The Splasher…”

New York, I Love You

Yes. Don’t we all. Well this movie has totally stole one of my movie ideas. Psscccct. Just goes  to show I REALLY NEED to start writing my script ASAP to stop this sort of stuff happening. so that’s what I’m going to do this weekend, for sure. I’m not sure when it’s going toContinue reading “New York, I Love You”

I wish I had a duel passport

Half UK citizen, half American. That would be awesome. Instead, my dreams of working and living in NYC are shit more harder than I have ever thought. Just been looking at Visa forms… shit. Lol. It was hard enough doing it through Camp America. Never mind to work and live, for the future. Pssscccctttt!  Continue reading “I wish I had a duel passport”

Journal of New York FANatic

I’m startin’ to get real nervous with the living in Brooklyn, I live near Williamsburg – Which I’ve been once, and it was cool – but I didn’t stay long. I’m kinda scared that it will be amazingly lonely! But I’m hoping that I will meet people, and we’ll rock and roll. I want to tryContinue reading “Journal of New York FANatic”