The Rain is here

It’s refreshing when it rains over here, however it’s still HOT. When it rains, dayummm, It rains!!  HUGE thunder storms, it even made the trains delayed. I had to wait 35 minutes for the L train home. That’s crazy. Tomorrow is my first day off! Yeaaa. And Monday. Monday I’ll have to do some laundary.Continue reading “The Rain is here”

This is the place where conspiracy begins…

A movie. So I went to the Free MoMA night. It was good, I went with Sean who studies graphic design in MA, near Boston. I saw the part of the exhibition that I wanted to see. I’m totally psyked. I just wanna get out and start my own work, i feel so charged!!! SoContinue reading “This is the place where conspiracy begins…”

Brooklyn by night

Today has been awesome. I met famous artists! (Steve Mumford and Warren Neidich who is in this months Art Forum magazine!)  And this was like my first day. Magda introduced me to them, but just not introduced me. She put it as, ” and this is Sarah. Sarah is working with us.” Not interning, not helping… working. AndContinue reading “Brooklyn by night”

New York City 2morrow…

So as the big day descends down on me, like a 49 year old counting down to the dreaded thought of being 50, I’m really starting to shit myself, just alil bit…. well alot! Moving to the big city. Just a small town girl, living in her lonely world she took the midday flight going toContinue reading “New York City 2morrow…”

4 days to NYC

It’s 4 days till I go to NYC. Everyday gets just a little bit more exciting; alot more freakin’ nerve wrecking. I don’t know whether I can’t sleep because of the nerves – or just whether now i am in a literal new york state of mind! (time zones an’ all!) I’ve been trying toContinue reading “4 days to NYC”