4 days to NYC

It’s 4 days till I go to NYC. Everyday gets just a little bit more exciting; alot more freakin’ nerve wrecking. I don’t know whether I can’t sleep because of the nerves – or just whether now i am in a literal new york state of mind! (time zones an’ all!) I’ve been trying toContinue reading “4 days to NYC”

Flashing lights – Version 2 – Exclusive – Kanye West

I love being able to just surf the internet at my own lesuire. Today I had a haircut. It doesn’t look much different lol – but at least it has some shape bizack.   enjoy!   Kanye’s original video for “Flashing Lights” left many fans in the dark as to what the video really meantContinue reading “Flashing lights – Version 2 – Exclusive – Kanye West”